15 Crazy Interesting Facts About Your Breasts

Breasts – we’ve all got ’em, we all talk about them, we all think about them and we all look at them. Basically, we’re all pretty much obsessed with them. But when you consider that boobs are really just pockets of fat hanging off our bodies, it’s kind of like… what is going on?

Well, these crazy, interesting facts about breasts kind of make our obsession a little bit more understandable. Who knew there were so many things to know about our boobs? And since we’re girls with boobs, no matter how big or small, we should probably be informed on what is exactly is going on with those things in our bras, right? Right. Also, this is entertaining and totally interesting to talk about with your friends the next time you guys are bored. Check out these 15 crazy and interesting boob facts to impress everyone later:

Did you know a lot of these facts about breasts? Which did you think was the most interesting? What did I miss? Tell me in the comments.


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  • nia

    I’m a 36c and i just tuned 14

  • secrethoney

    I’m a 34C but mi’t even know what size i am then. My boobs love to play tricks on me and grow when I’m on my period then I don’t even know what size I am. My boobs are tricky cause they grow and shrink all the time