6 Awesome Female Gamers That Gamer Girls Will Love

My personal experience with video games doesn’t really extend very far  beyond playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 (with a ton of cheat codes) and hurting my arm playing on a family friend’s Wii’s tennis. Nevertheless, I am savvy enough to know that there are  a ton of girls and young women out there who love gaming. I’m also savvy enough to know that there is a lot of awfulness when it comes to girls who game.

Some girls think there is some sort of hierarchy of gaming, in which some girls who are too feminine or don’t play certain games are just a bunch of posers. Yuck, talk about internalized misogyny. But what bothers me the most is the fact that so many guys seem to think that gaming isn’t a girl thing at all and that the entire video game industry is only catered to them. Uh, newsflash, half of all gamers are ladies. And I’m pretty sure that half of them also don’t like the rampant sexism that occurs in the gamerverse.

As rage inducing as that is, misogyny isn’t stopping gamer girls from making themselves known and being awesome influences. Here’s a roundup of a few cool ladies of the gamerverse that we thought you should know about.

Are you a gamer? Have you experienced sexism as a female gamer? Who are some other awesome female gamers that we get familiar with? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Marii

    Jessica Nigri anyone? 😛

  • Olivia

    I’m a hardcore girl gamer, and this article got me really excited and then Anita Sarkisian showed up. What really annoys me about her is that she basically looks up the wikipedia definition for a game and then says its harmful to women, she isn’t playing the game and then coming to a conclusion after the observations. She also made my favorite game dev, Shigeru Miyamoto, look like he was the anti-feminist devil when he actually created the first ever female protagonist in a video game (Samus Aran) and Zelda is recent years has been a really awesome female character. All gamers, regardless of gender pretty much disagree with the first of her damsel in distress videos.

    • jm

      Are you on crack? Do you not know anything about gaming? of course this is a “gurl” site. all gamers, female and male hate anita sarkeesian and you haven’t done your research at all. this is a shitty article from a shitty website, jesus.