Does Smoking Weed Make You Have More Sex?

If you smoke marijuana, does that mean you have more sex than other people? Does smoking weed make you sleep around? According to one new study, yes – new research links marijuana to casual sexual encounters.

Researchers surveyed 483 freshman female students about their “risk behaviors, personality traits and social environment.” They also asked the students about their sexual behavior and their attitudes towards sex. They re-interviewed the students once a month for eight months and found that students were more likely to casually hook up if they also smoked weed. Lead author Robyn Fielder said, “Our findings suggest hooking up during the first year of college is influenced by marijuana use.”

It’s easy to brush this off as ridiculous, but the reasoning behind it kind of makes sense. Marijuana is known to impair judgement and reduce inhibitions – both of which could more easily lead to a random hookup. People who are high probably feel more relaxed and might be willing to do things they wouldn’t normally do, like experiment with different sexual experiences or people. A girl who is too shy to have a one-night stand when she’s sober might be more into it if she’s under the influence.

I’m sure that not everyone thinks this is a bad thing – a lot of people who smoke weed or drink or do other drugs might do those things because they want to lower their inhibitions. They want to do things they normally would be too shy to do. They want to feel a little out of control and to be able to have these kind of crazy experiences.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a casual sexual encounter (like a one-night stand or having a hook-up type relationship with a friend), I still think this is something to be a little concerned about. Some people might welcome that sort of out-of-body experience, but other people might do something while under the influence that they seriously regret later on. This happens all the time and if it’s ever happened to you, then you know it’s not the best feeling in the world.

I’m not saying that you’re going to take a hit of marijuana and start running around having sex with everyone – that doesn’t happen. I think that people’s views on sex from the beginning come into play with this sort of thing. Smoking weed isn’t going to turn you into some crazy sex machine. It just might make you more open to different experiences. Now I want to know what you guys think – is this a negative aspect of marijuana or a positive one?

So now the question is: do you think this is a good or a bad thing? Do you believe that smoking weed could result in more casual sex? Are you for or against the legalization of marijuana? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Ressa

    Hi I just want to know if smoking weed can cause someone to forget a lot. or who can answer that question for me.

    • faggotstuffer15

      only while under the influence, some argue that while under a certain age (15 I believe?) it damages the brain, or at least changes the construction of it which symbolizes something. Unfortunately, age doesnt equal the maturity of every person so it really varies. Even if it does, the effects are minimal and pale in comparison even to legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco which induce cancer while marijuana actually reduces your chances of getting cancer.

  • dee

    Oh come on. It actually relaxes you. All you people saying
    It makes you have more sex haven’t actually smoked weed before. All you want to do is chill and talk about stupid things watch tv & eat.

  • dee

    I think it does make you want to have sex… which is a good thing… I was a shy girl… but marijuana wants me to experience different ways of sex 🙂
    I am going to Amsterdam to try new things soon… Its a great feeling when ur high and being played with 🙂

  • Shelby

    Actually… DEPENDS On The Type Your Smoking.. I Know Theres LOTS That Make You Feel “Horny” Lol Just Saying

  • Erica

    Correlation does not mean causation.

  • Sam

    Oh, please. Ecstasy makes you sleep around, not weed. When I’m stoned I don’t have the will to do anything beyond watch cartoons on the couch eating Doritos. I can’t even stand up, much less hook up with someone, so I must disagree with this post.