Am I Allergic To My Boyfriend’s Semen?

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Petiet Fleur said:

“So I don’t know if anyone has ever tasted semen before, but it’s pretty salty. So, anyway the guy I’m fooling around with has pretty salty cum. We don’t use condoms a lot and every time that he comes in me it burns a little and I can’t have sex for days because it just swells right up and it hurts to even put a finger in. Has anyone else ever experienced this?”

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  • Rachel

    Ooo that would suck but dont jump to any conclusions it may just be something else

  • nicholee

    I was having the same issue! ! But it turned out to he the soap he was using! You should ask him to wash with something hypoallergenic! Hopefully this helps

  • Tonae

    I agree with lelayla123, before jumping to the conclution of you being allergict to seman you should change one thing at a time, use condoms (different materials for condoms). If you do pre sex things like the creams or lub or what not maybe that’s what is causing your reaction. I would think the same is true for oral or other things that go in before, during or after sex that could be causing it as well. So in all change your usual and maybe you will find out what’s causing it. You could possibly test things on other parts of body as well, although this is not an absolute answer since the chemistry on say your skin is different than in your vagina.

  • lelayla123

    you probably are allergic but before jumping to that conclusion and panicking make sure its not a certain type of toy or if you wear any creams to increase orgasms first, before letting him know after discussing this with your guy you may want to talk to a doctor or even a female in a drug store and if it turns out you are allergic you may want to consider using a condom

  • pinkheart

    I have heard of this before, and it seems like people really can be allergic. I dont know how you deal with semen if you are allergic, it gets everywhere during sex if he isnt wearing a condom.