10 Ways You’re Sending Your Crush The Wrong Signals

A few weeks ago, I gave you guys some tips on how to play hard-to-get like a pro. If you’re into those sort of dating games, playing hard-to-get can be a great way to keep a dude interested. But like I said, there’s a thin line between playing hard-to-get and giving off the wrong signals.

Even if you really, really like a guy, you might still be sending him the wrong signals. These wrong signals might be making him think you don’t like him or making him feel like he doesn’t have a chance with you. This can easily happen if you’re shy or awkward around your crush. Obviously, you don’t want your crush to think you’re not into him – you want him to think you’re interested! If you feel like your crush just isn’t getting the hint, you might be sending these wrong signals. Read on to find out if you need a crash-course in flirting (which we all do sometimes).

Do you think you’re sending your crush the wrong signals? What wrong signals did I miss? Do you agree or disagree with this list? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Emmy

    Hi my name is Emmy, I have a problem..I think I’m still inlove with my ex bf. We were together for almost 2years. I met him in my 1st year on varsity and he was a senior student in 2010. Even though we both have “moved on”..I still think of him and its been 2years now. I have tried 2move on. I just can’t. I don’t know what to do about my feelings for him. Problem is I don’t know if he feels the same.

  • lily

    Tell him how u feel.

  • Jay_Brown

    Hi my name is Jayde Brown or Jay, and I have a problem with this guy. You see a couple months ago I had a boyfriend and in school there was this guy that was interested in me. Now that I think about it he would want to talk to me more than my boyfriend, anyway so this guy at school would flirt with me and I was digging it but it came to me that it felt wrong to flirt with someone when I got a man. So I kind of dissed this guy like when I saw him in the hall I would turn my head or when he would say “Hey Jayde” I would just say “hi” very small and quick even though I loved flirting with this guy. Few months later I dumped my bf and now by this time the dude at school totally doesn’t even look at me. And now I want him to know that I do like him it’s just I get nervous and awkward around him. What do I do? Will he think I’m weird if all the sudden I’m nice again and not even bother to talk or flirt with me? Uh soo complicated
    Because I am a very shy person.

  • jenniik_

    ugh, i do a lot of these things

  • DaynaMarie

    “If you have a boyfriend and you have a crush on someone else – you should probably break up with that boyfriend.”

    I disagree with this. Having a crush on someone else doesn’t automatically mean that your relationship needs to end, providing that you do not follow through on that crush and cheat. You may realize that your crush on the other guy is stronger than your relationship, and in that case, by all means break up. But it’s also likely this crush is a small temporary thing that will go away with either time or fixing something that was wrong with the relationship.