20 Things You HAVE To Do This Summer

Happy Summer Solstice! It’s the first official day of summer and also my personal favorite day of the year. I live for the summertime – it’s when I have the most fun, experience the most amazing things and really feel the best about myself. Even if summer isn’t your favorite season ever, you have to admit that it’s pretty great. You get a break from school, some beautiful weather and plenty of time to hang with friends.

Every year, we all pledge that THIS summer is going to be the best summer of our lives… and then we usually spend the summer doing the same thing we do every year, whatever that may be. Okay, but kind of boring, no? This summer, try to do something different – like all 20 of these suggestions below from our summer bucket list. If you do everything, or even just half, I guarantee you’ll have a pretty epic summer vacation. Check out these 20 things you HAVE to do this summer:

Are you planning on doing any of these things this summer? What are your summer plans? What did I miss that you think everyone should do? Tell me in the comments.


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