Playlist: 10 Songs About Falling In Love

Do you find yourself sporting a stupid smile a lot these days? Have you listened to some of your favorite romantic songs lately and finally get it? Are you exhibiting complete disregard for the appropriate number of times to happily sigh within a 20 minute time frame? If so, congrats, babe: You’re probably in love. Whether this love is mutual or a secret crush, you’ve got it bad. Love can be terrifying and disappointing, obviously. But it’s so easy to focus on the downsides, isn’t it? But why do that when it is so much more fun to think about the positive bits of it all, like the swooping sensation in your gut, and how just the thought of them leaves you feeling lightheaded.

Whether you’re in love, out of love or have never been in love, this playlist is all about the best feeling in the world. Give it a listen and tell us if you feel the love:



Which of these songs is your favorite? What songs make YOU feel like you’re falling in love. Tell us in the comments

Playlist: 10 Songs About The Ex You Want To Forget
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  • uhhh

    Uhhh, there are practically no songs on here. Maybe add a couple more? And by a couple, I mean like 10.

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  • Lily

    Sorry to be Debbie Downer here, but The Beatles song isn’t “I’ve seen that face” it’s “I’ve just seen a face”. 🙂