What It’s Like To Buy A Pregnancy Test, In GIFs

There is no shame in buying a pregnancy test. In fact, you should buy a pregnancy test if you think you’re pregnant. But that doesn’t mean actually buying it isn’t like the scariest thing ever.

What if you see someone you know? What if you run into your boyfriend’s mom? What if you run into your arch-nemesis or the mean girl from school? There are so many what ifs!

I’ve bought tests for myself and for my friends, and it’s still scary every time!

Here’s what buying a pregnancy test is really like:

So you’re late.

You’re freaking out.

Do I tell him I’m late? No, no, get a test first. Calm down.

Call your best friend for support.

She says she’ll get one for you.

But you can do this alone.

You research the drugstore that’s furthest away from everyone you know.

Then you venture to drugstore.

You look at the bazillion choices of tests. What do you even get? Do you get two? You should get two. THERE ARE TOO MANY OPTIONS.

Walking to the register feels like it takes a decade.

You try not to even make eye contact.

When you leave, you’re like:

Phew! You bought it.

But now you have to go take it.

Good luck!

Have you ever bought a pregnancy test for either you or a friend? What was it like? Did you run into anyone? Tell us in the comments!

Are you going to get pregnant if you forget to take your birth control?

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  • Betheny

    I went to walmart at 130 in the morning and my friend carried the test for me. We used the self checkout.. It was pretty painless 🙂

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  • Jodi

    I work in a pharmacy and me and the girls I work with try to keep it as discreet as possible. It is put in a paper bag straight away and if you want, you can use our toilet to get it over and done with. We are there to help you, don’t forget that 🙂 We can offer support and help you through whatever happens next.