Quiz: Are You A Bad Date?

Dates can be awkward, they can be fun or they can be a complete and utter disappointment. After some less than stellar dates, it is easy to wonder what caused the date to go wrong. And after an awesome date, it might be just as tricky to pinpoint what made it so brilliant. You can give credit to the location, or the menu or whatever else stood out, but how often do you take the credit–or the blame–for the way a date turned out?

Do you ever wonder why you didn’t get asked out on a second date that you thought went well? Do you ever wonder why you’re getting asked out for a second date so often? It all comes down to whether you’re a great date, or a crappy date. Take our quiz to find out whether or not little things like paying the bill can determine your chances of getting asked out again.



Are you super pushy on a date? Would you ever pay for a portion of the bill? Are you a worry wort when it comes to dating? Tell us in the comments!

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