From The Message Boards: What Are Signs That He Likes You?

Crushes and relationships and all that jazz are way more complicated than people think, right? Sometimes people are just natural flirts and don’t actually like you, which totally sucks. The whole figuring out if someone likes you thing can be really hard!

This week on the message boards, y’all are talking about signs that he likes you. There are a lot of ways to tell, so let’s see what you had to say first.

Nessinha said:
“It usually depends on the guy and his personality. In general you could try looking for these: – he looks at you a lot; maybe turns away when you catch him looking or holds your stare. sometimes he might just try not to look at you and it gets too obvious because he will look anywhere but directly at you – he smiles a lot at you or at the things you say – he teases you and makes fun of little things, but isn’t aggressive about it. – he may try to get your attention by talking louder and laughing a lot when you’re in view – he’ll find excuses to touch you or to get close to you in various occasions – his friends might look at you a lot too.”

MEEE888 said:
Look at his body language. When talking to him pay attention to his eyes if his pupils become bigger it means that they like what they see. Also, if you two are sitting next to each other look at his knees, if they are pointed towards you it means that he is interested in what you have to say. And with some guys when you see them with there hands in there pocket it is kind of an instinct, and they are basically pointing at their **yoohooo** if that makes sense to you in a way. If they seem to be bored, and this is kind of iffy, possibly not because they would be interested in anything you have to say.. If they make an effort to get to you then they could. But sometimes it could just mean that they are really friendly so don’t automatically assume.

sanvean17 said:
“If his girlfriend hates you.”

Okay, I wouldn’t say that if his girlfriend hates you it means that he likes you. And if he has a girlfriend, he’s off limits! I just had to address that.

Yes, there are a lot of ways to tell if a guy likes you! But mostly, it does depend on the guy. If a guy is going out of his way to talk to you and be around you, it’s a pretty safe bet that he’s interested. Body language can be a good identifier, but it’s not always accurate. Some guys are really touchy and others aren’t so you have to use your judgement.

Some guys are shy and might not give you a lot of signs that they like you, while other guys might be really flirtatious so it can be hard to tell. But from my experience, if he always wants to be around you, constantly talks to you (whether texting or otherwise) and always asks you to hang out, he’s into you.

And if he asks you out or makes a move, well then you know he likes you as more than a friend!

What do you think are signs that he likes you? Do you have any specific ways to tell? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Emma

    If he wants to hang out with you a lot, is interested in the same things you are

  • drew lea

    There is this guy in my class and he is recently my boyfriend he was a bit of a jerk in fm5th grade but i didnt know flirting if it hit me in the face. When he was young his versions of flirting worked he used to always knock over my pen and pick it up for me and look at me in class and act all weird when i asked him what he was staring at. He also pretended to hate all of the people i hated

  • Rose

    Why dose this boy at my school and looks at me but when I was in my chear leader outfit he gave me a huge and then spanked my and that night I was comming out of my bath room to get changed into my cloths he came over with out telling me and since My parents aren’t home and I forgot that I leaft the hose open but I was still wet so I was naked and bending over when he spanked me agion and then I hit my head but when I woke up I was in bed and he was naked on my bed so i got dressed then i was pick up from my feet and he put me in my old baby swing in the back Yard and I got stuck i un clipped my self from the chains but it won’t come off so I called911 they said that I would need to get cut and I would not be able to move my legs for ten years ps i did not have anything on except a bra so I can put my underwear on and pants but it is stuck so what should I do?

  • kaykaymusic

    when he looks at you and smiles alot stutter on his words and when hes around his friendz and they try to boost his courage like shouting stuff like get some!!!!! like when i went on my first date with my bf my cousin said travis u have been raping her with ur eyes for the last 15 minutes why dont u just hold her hand and he didnt even hesitate!!!!! Oh yea and if he compliments you alot and calls u cute nicknames 😉

  • Kat

    Sometimes if he is shy around you he may like you unless he is shy around everyone

  • guurl99

    okay well its not as dificult as it sounds; if he goes out of his way to talk to you or uses tiny yet obvious excuses to hav physical contact with you like touching ur hair and saying “there was something in your hair but now its gone”. but the best way to know is to simply ask him cuz if he likes you, he trusts you and when you trust someone you’re supposed to tell them the truth 24/7/3.5/12/a year.

    • kaykaymusic

      i totally agree

  • Ella

    Well I suppose if he replies to texts really quickly (or chat messages) it probably means he wants to keep talking to you. Maybe if he does something nice for you that’s out of his way, but he could just be a really sweet guy if he does that all the time to other people too though.

  • zia

    Some guyz r js so unpredictable. So it may nt be rite to jump to conclusions

  • mel

    ha ha i agree and if he likes u someday he’ll show it