9 Celebrities Who Have Been Dumped By Text Message

One of the worst ways to get dumped has to be by text message. It’s a pretty sucky feeling when your significant other doesn’t even have the decency to treat you with respect and approach you face-to-face to tell you things aren’t working out. It makes you feel like that person never really cared at all and it’s also totally unfair – it’s hard to say what you want through a text message breakup. 

If it ever happens to you, two things should make you feel better. One, a text message breakup only proves that your ex is immature and not worthy of your time. Two, even celebrities, who seem to live charmed lives, have been dumped by text message! It makes you feel a little better to know you’re not alone, right? Check out these 9 celebrities who have been broken up with by one incriminating little text message.

Which of these breakups surprised you? Have you ever dumped anyone by text? Has anyone ever done it to you? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Nicole

    I already knew that Zayn Malik was broken up with in a text. I’ve been broken up with in a text too it’s so lame!

  • meri

    Yeah I was shocked when I saw that to

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  • Jillian

    Honestly, none of these things surprise me at all. Many celebrities are so full of themselves, they don’t even want to be bothered giving someone the respect of a face-to-face break up. Or they don’t have the guts for a confrontation.

    Although, in the case of Charlie Sheen, I don’t disagree with this choice of method.

    Also…Lindsey Lohan dated a woman? Did I miss something?