Reader Hookup Confession: My Best Friend Ruined My Random Hookup

If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession, and then send your own to

One weekend, I went to visit my best friend at the college she was living at. She was trying to hook up with her crush and since I didn’t want to be a third wheel, she decided to set me up with one of her guy friends. The night we hung out, we were having a lot of fun – her guy friend who she was setting me up with was kind of shy, but he seemed pretty cool.

Towards the end of the night, we went to my BFF’s crush’s dorm room to hang out. After a little while, she started getting cozy on the couch with her crush. We started feeling a little awkward, so her guy friend took me into his room and we started to hook up. It got to the point where he had all of his clothes on, but all of mine were off (don’t ask me how that happened). Things were getting super heated when, out of nowhere, my best friend opened the door and walked in on me naked on top of him. He got really, really embarrassed and won’t talk to either of us anymore. And it’s not even like he was the one who was naked!

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  • Letitia

    I just realized that it was the guy who you were hooking up with that was embarrassed! And by the way, what is up with the perverted comments in here like Angela, I would have sucked and fucked him into reality. THAT’S RAPE! You should get a serious rape in jail and see how it feels. Now, look what you fools made me do, got me all vindictive and mean!

  • Letitia

    I don’t understand why your guy friend would stop talking to you. It’s his fault in the first place! He shouldn’t walk into someone else’s room and then get upset at them if they’re having sex or kissing or anything! And am I the only one that’s feeling sort of embarrassed that guys are on this website?

  • Angela

    He was just shy and embarrassed! I would have held him down and asked my friend to help me undress him. Then I would have sucked and fucked him into reality. Sometimes a guy needs a little help growing up! I would have bugged him and made him see and speak to me and we would have had sex again!

  • Jerry

    When I am having sex ,nothing stops me. My mother came home unexpectedly once (she works from 3 to 11pm) and caught me with a group of girls. We were all naked and I was having sex with one. I couldn’t stop. Mom knew I was sexually active but did not know I was taking “care” of more than one girl. We had a talk about it later because it was supposed to be a “studyclub group” and not sexual.

  • Mike

    This is hard for to to understand. My girlfriend and I have been caught many times by her mother, and her brother and sister. We were even caught a few times by her best friend and her boyfriend. Whatever we are doing oral or sexual intercourse, we continue! We have also caught her best friend and her boyfriend as well as her brother and his girlfriend having sex. I’ve also seen her mother naked twice. What is wrong with that guy. He NEEDS counseling!

  • diana

    that guy’s weird. you should be embarrassed of being with him. well, some people are just like that.

  • Gina

    Carl, I agree with you from EXPERIENCE! My best friend has seen me in action many times. Also, more than one friend at a time, but no more than three, have watched my BF and I perform oral and intercourse sex! The only price of admissionis that my BF gets to remove all of their clothes and if they want more (which is encouraged by me), all they have to do is ask – and yes they all asked for more and yes he had oral sex and then had intercoure with each of them! Terrific experience! My BF and I have also performed in front of two of his friends. I got to take off all of their clothes but my BF told me before we started that I would be required to give his friends oral and intercourse sex as well as him. We had a fun night because we enjoy performing in front of others!

  • Carl

    That guy was a fool. I would not have been embarressed at all. I would have continued doing what we were doing. Anyway, if all of your clothes, I would have been naked also and when your BFF walked in, she would have seen sex in action either oral or intercourse right before her eyes! I hope you weren’t embarressed when your friend walked in!

    • Stan

      That guy was indeed a fool . My clothes would have been off of my at the same time your clothes came off. I would have been pounding your pussy hard and fast or eating it with loud slurping noises when your best friend walked in. Whatever sexual act we were performing I would certainly continued unabated. I might have even asked her if she wanted to join in. Not only would I have talked to you ater that night, I would have sought your presence every chance I got. I know a lot of friendly girls whose “companionship” I often seek.

  • Maddie

    ..Some guys are so ridiculous in this way… you’re an adult now…it isn’t that big of a deal > _ >