10 Trends From The Early 00s That We Can’t Believe Happened

Fashion recycles itself all the time. Trends from decades past that we wrinkle our noses at become super appealing when they’re revamped and modernized. The 90s are in right now, and even though there were a lot of ugly looks going on during that decade, we’re picking and choosing styles from that era to embrace and alter for our 2013 sensibilities.

The same will happen with the early 00s. In fact, it’s already happening if you notice how popular distressed denim is becoming. But there are plenty of fashions–too many, if you ask me–from the early 00s that I hope never return, revamped or otherwise. It was a dark time us. Dark, dark times. Here are just a few of those ill guided fashion trends that we can’t believe happened.


What trends did you rock in the early 00s? Which would you actually want to see make a comeback? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Aaron

    Hey… Those are great fashion trends and I like them all. I don’t understand how anyone could dislike them! Especially spiked hair, Uggs, logo t-shirts, sweatsuits, and flare jeans. Everything except for hair antennas are still trending to this very day in some parts of the United States. A lot of things never go out of style in some places. Some people don’t like these trends but they’re still trending. 9 out of 10 of these things never went out of style.

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  • Aly

    YES especially to the low rise jeans! They were the bane of my existence throughout middle and high school. I remember searching everywhere for some normal jeans during my teenage years to no avail. Sorry, but when your pubic hairs poke out of your jeans they are too low!! Haha =D

  • michelle

    I love low rise pants I would love those to come back last time checked my gram wore pants up to her armpits

    • Marnie

      I guess your gram dresses better then you do. What can we say. I love high waist jeans and crop tops. Low rise jeans just make legs look short.

    • Kate

      There’s a big difference between granny pants and proper fitting pants. Proper fitting pants should sit below the belly button on your hips… not at your crotch like the low rise jeans did. Unless you have a really short torso, it doesn’t look good on you.

  • Sasha P.

    Unfortunately everyone still wears Uggs!

  • Stacy

    Unfortunately, visible thong, and low rise flared jeans are huge trends at my high school. Don’t ask how it happened.

  • E

    lots of girls at school still wear these and look stupid

  • Jess

    I still wear flared jeans, actually. I like them much better than skinny jeans. But other than that, I couldn’t agree with you more. Especially with the visible thong and the boys with ugly spiked hair.

  • Emmy

    I ❤ Flared Jeans and i think they should stay alive. Long Live Flared Jeans ;~) ❤

  • Emily

    Oh my goodness. I remember all of these things way too well, and I, too, hope they shall never rear their ugly heads again. (literally EVERY boy had that hair?? why???)

  • kayla

    Ummm…I wear platform flip flops and love them.There is nothing wrong with them

  • Kate

    I still have platform flip flops and I rock them, but I look back at the most of the things I wore back then and cringe.

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  • jocelyn

    Yay, you mentioned Linkin Park…but yeah, I have to agree with you. These trends made my soul cry…