Is It Okay To Masturbate Every Day?

Hi Heather,

I’m sort of embarrassed to ask this question but is it okay to masturbate every day? How much masturbating is too much? I don’t want to mess anything up so please help.

Good news: it’s almost always totally fine to masturbate every day. Masturbating is healthy, it feels good, it allows you to get closer to yourself, it relieves stress, it makes you happy and did I mention that it feels good? So, really, if you want to get it on with your bad self every single day, go for it. No judging here.

So if it’s so great, why do I only say that it’s almost totally fine to masturbate every day? As with basically anything, too much of a good thing can sometimes be… well, too much. If you’re consistently more interested in masturbating than hooking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, that may be a sign that you’re masturbating too much. If it starts to negatively affect your relationship with someone you care about… that can be a problem.

Another example is if you start masturbating so much that you stop doing things you need to do, like getting homework done, going to work, or, I don’t know, eating. Basically if masturbating is taking over and becoming the most important thing in your life, that’s not good. And, of course, if you’re starting to actually hurt down there from masturbating, try taking a little break to give yourself some rest.

I doubt these are things you need to worry about, but it is always something you should keep in mind. If you’re just into making yourself feel good for a half hour every day as sort of an extracurricular activity, that’s completely fine. But if masturbating becomes your number one priority, it’s probably time to relax. Make sense?

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  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    I love to madturbate

  2. avatar alisha says:

    i am gal but its nice to masturbate every day in bathroom

  3. avatar nunu says:

    I love to masturbate its feeels goooooooood

  4. avatar FELIX says:


  5. avatar rose says:

    I m 18 I too mastrbate everyday. I m scared that would i be able to pregnant in futur pls hlp.

    • avatar Patty says:

      There haven’t been any studies that prove that masturbation will affect your uterus. So no need to worry!

  6. avatar Bryon says:

    Glad to see Iam not the only I’ve literally on average I do 5 days outta of the week and have been since I was 13 , Iam 24 now happily married harder to find the time but I find it , and still haven’t changed I still average 5 outta 7 days atleast once or twice a day . Kinda blew mind , I wonder how many times I have actually done it and it’s just nuts ! At younger days I even been up too 7-8 times aday . Dunno why I do it or have the need to it’s just a different feeling all together , than actual sex , it’s a diff type of stress and mood relaxer than any other

  7. avatar Michelle says:

    I masturbate every day it feels Soooooooo good and it relax me .

  8. avatar Grace says:

    I masturbate everyday! Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.

  9. avatar Sophie says:

    I masturbate everynight, it actually helps you get to sleep :)

  10. avatar toni says:

    i love to masturbate, and do so every day. Best feeling ever!

  11. avatar Param says:

    I musturbate daily before sleeping, it gives plesure.and orgasm like sensation.

  12. avatar Kaylaa says:

    I love to masturbate myself Nd other People!

  13. avatar Cristy says:

    I love to masturbate I do it every day!!! I feels soo good

  14. avatar Andreas says:

    when i masturbate i get in anherp world ful of hot babez an it feelz gud.

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