8 Tips On How To Talk To Your Parents And Get Them To Do Whatever You Want

No matter how old you are, dealing with your parents can be difficult. Your mom and dad always seem to think that they know what’s best for you, even if you don’t agree. I know how it feels to have really strict parents who never let you do what you want. In these cases, figuring out how to talk to your parents without getting into a huge fight with them can be really tough.

But, believe it or not, there is a way to talk to your parents… and it doesn’t involve a big, dramatic fight. Over the last few years, I’ve learned some tricks on how to get your parents to do what you want. Following them isn’t always the easiest thing in the world, but it’s worth it to try. So, how do you get your parents to stop being so strict and annoying and start letting you have more freedom? Read below to get tips on how to talk to them – and while these may not be foolproof, I guarantee they’ll be better than screaming at each other.

Do you get along with your parents? Do you fight with them a lot? What’s the most annoying thing your parents do to you? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Maddie

    I don’t know how this happened, but I can now see the movies THE CLIQUE, MEAN GIRLS and MEAN GIRLS 2. They weren’t even inappropriate, which no movie I like or wanna see isn’t inappropriate or had any iffy content. Those movies were kinda like PG rated Disney movies about nice girls who are new to school, but gets bullied by mean girls. Mom n dad said I was impressionable, and that was only when I was, like 8! But the catch was they kept those movies from me more than 5 years!

    Also,if you can’t get what you want, just try asking them in the most normal way possible. Like….

    Me: Can I please watch The Clique, Mean Girls and Mean Girls 2?

    Mom n Dad: Of course, if your not bad anymore.

    Me: I’m not. Thanks. (Kisses n hugging occurred)

  • Hannah

    Help me please! My dad is so strict. He always wants to make an argument even when I do nothing wrong. He always hits me and yells at me and takes my phone away. My life is miserable!!!!! Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Broken hearted

    One day my brother know that i have a bf so i was 14 and till that mmnt till now im 16 he still reacting same wayy with me he always mean and yell at me and never let me go to the mall and i cant even use social media and now i breack up with my bf bcz of my brother but he never trust me wat can i so plzzz help

  • I’m so tired

    My parent make me read textbook … They don’t think other book like divergent are “book”. I never have my friends ever coming over my house or have a birthday party in my life . I’m not the bad kids, I never get in trouble at school or even miss a day of school. I go to school even if I’m sick !!!! The only one time I didn’t have to go to school is when the teacher send me back home because I’m so sick. I get in trouble for not closing the door. My mom would Literally go UNDER my bed and see if is clean or not!! Not that I have any boyfriend I wouldn’t dare or come home late a min. She yells at me for stupid stuff and I get in really big trouble. Like other strict parents they alway look for thing to tell at me for.

  • juliasilva1313

    i need advice on how to let my parents let me have a boyfriend even though i go behind their backs

  • Candace

    me and my parents often fight about everything and i feel like the only thing i do is respectfully say my opinion after they talk and i take their advice but they never listen to me and they tell me to respect them and even when we’re having a normal conversation i feel like they want to start a fight because they always turn things into a fight when i am trying to avoid it and they never let me talk and i think to myself “how can they don’t let me talk without them knowing what i’m going to say???”

  • ammy

    Hey I am very open with my mum bt we do fight a lot sometimes I feel like giving my life up coz like my mom won’t let me be out late and that’s not what I want on a saturday its like she’s always looking for something to upset me or to fight with me!!!

  • anshika

    yes i oftn fight wid mah parnts bt beside ol tht i respect thm too..i undstand tht they do care of mine bt d fact z thz m not gettin wht i really wants….i want thm 2 b friendly n to meet mah boyfriend