10 Worst Dads of TV and Film

Earlier this week we listed a few of our favorite dads from TV and film. And sure, a couple of the dads on that list weren’t always perfect fathers, but they have a special place in our hearts nevertheless. We know that they love their kids from the bottom of their hearts.

But there are some other fictional dads out there that are flat out terrible fathers. Even at their best they’re still awful. Like, really awful. Like, I-never-want-to-give-you-another-ugly-tie-for-Father’s-Day-ever-again level of awful. So if you ever get into a fight with your dad, just remember that he’s not Darth Vader, so you kinda lucked out. In honor of all the awful dads out there, here’s a roundup of the worst dads of TV and film.


Bob Pataki from Hey Arnold

Not only is Big Bob a jerk to just about everyone he encounters, he’s also pretty terrible to his daughter Helga. Half the time he calls her by the name of her perfect older sister, Olga. I know that Helga and Olga sound similar, but come on!


Darth Vader from Star Wars

The reveal of Darth Vader as Luke Skywalker’s father was crazy enough to rival an episode of Maury. Having a mortal enemy is bad enough without him being your dad. What kind of dad chops his son’s arm off? Tsk tsk.


Peter Griffin from Family Guy

Any dad that finds joy out of farting in his daughter’s face is not the kind of dad I’d ever want. Peter is just a mess all around, but he is especially awful to Meg. I don’t get it!


Mr. Cartwright from The Inbetweeners

Jay Cartwright isn’t the nicest guy, but he’s an angel compared to his dad who seems to get some sort of sick pleasure out of insulting his son. Sure, it’s pretty funny to see his dad insult Jay’s sex life, since Jay embellishes it so much, but those scenes still give me so much secondhand embarrassment.


William Van Der Woodson from Gossip Girl

Nothing says “father of the year” like not being there for your daughter, or her sick mother. What a winner.


Mr. Blood from Skins

I can understand why it must be hard for a father to date a guy that he disapproves of, but being a jerk to the kid before you get to know him is just terrible. Especially when you’re trying to blackmail him into making your daughter fail an exam so that she’ll be forced to go back to boarding school. Yikes.


George Bluth from Arrested Development

If you want some tips on how to bring your family together and instill a healthy dose of self-confidence in your children…don’t ask George Bluth for pointers. Trust me.


Byron Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars

Another father of the year award goes to Aria’s father on PLL. Making out with one of his students while he’s married is bad enough. But getting caught by your teenage daughter in the act on top of that? Probably not on this guy’s list of high points in his life.


Harry Wormwood from Matilda

Reading about this guy was bad enough, but the portrayal of Harry Wormwood onscreen makes me enraged! Matilda’s dad is a bully and won’t even let his daughter read in peace. All I want to do is shove his TV dinner into his face.


Jack Torrance from The Shining

Okay, I’m not going to give too much of the plot away but let’s just say that any dad who is trying to murder your family is not a cool dude.


Which of these dads is your least favorite? Who did we miss? Tell us in the comments!

10 Favorite Dads of TV and Film
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  • Sean

    Really? No mention of Stan Smith from American Dad??

  • Sam

    I know it’s TV and film, but Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood was pretty awful. Who the hell alchemically mutates their four-year-old daughter with her dog, just because it means he’ll get to keep a high paying but ultimately shitty job?

  • Rose

    My favorite, Harry Wormwood

    You missed Dan Scott from One Tree Hill! Worst..dad…ever