What I Hate About My Hairy Legs, And How I’m Learning To Deal With It

My favorite pair of tights are enabling my self-consciousness!

I love tights. Black tights, green tights, pink tights, floral tights, neon tights…I just love tights. But I wish that my love of tights didn’t coincide with self-consciousness about my legs.

My thighs definitely aren’t slim, but my legs are long, so I don’t mind the shape or anything like that. Nope, the thing that bothers me is my leg hair.

You might be thinking, “Uh, Ashley, just get a razor and be done with it.” Well, the thing is, every time I shave my legs–and I’ve waxed too!–my legs are still covered in little dots that look like stubble underneath my skin’s surface. I used to think that they were all ingrown hairs, and that I just needed to extract them. But they aren’t ingrown hairs, they’re just…there!

I know that this is a problem that a lot of women face, especially those with very dark hair. But unlike the millions of other women who experience the same thing every time they shave, most of them don’t let that stop them from showing their bare legs out and about in public. I wish I could have the same level of confidence, because when I try to do the same thing I become incredibly self-conscious.

I wish this was an exaggeration but here is the truth: Within the past six years, I’ve probably only shown my bare legs in public less than 10 or 15 times. That’s how embarrassed I am by them!

I have friends who experience the same weird-under-the-skin-stubble-look who have no problem baring their legs (or underarms, or wherever else on their body that suffers from this) in public. I wanted to know the secret to their confidence, and one of them gave me some stunningly simple insight: “At this point, I’m like [screw] it.”

Screw it, indeed.

Me this past weekend wearing shorts, without tights! Photo from my Instagram.

And within the past month, I’ve started to realize that I cannot hide my legs for the rest of my life. I mean, I think that shaving my legs is a pain to begin with and, frankly, I do it as little as possible. But summer in New York isn’t like summer in LA, and I physically cannot wear jeans or tights on a warm day here without overheating like an old Buick. So over the past couple of weeks, I’ve actually–wait for it–shaved my legs and didn’t cover them up. Sure, it was only a handful of times, but to my surprise it wasn’t so bad. I still feel boiling hot jealousy towards people with legs that look silky smooth and hairless after a quick shave, but my legs will probably never look like that. And I’m starting to believe that that’s okay.

Since I’ve started exposing my bare legs a little more often, I’ve found myself looking at other women’s legs on the subway. Sorta creepy I guess, but whatever. Anyway, as much as I see the totally stubble free legs that I envy, I see just as many women with the same problem that I have, and they’re out there with their legs out and probably not giving a damn. I’m not alone! Honestly, I’m ready to get on their level, one pair of short shorts at a time.


Do you have this problem after you shave/wax? How do you deal with it? Tell us in the comments!

I Have Hairy Legs And I Like It That Way

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  • Voix

    Hey Ashley, thanks for this post! I have the same problem, I have been always wearing tights. I even wear the see-through black pantyhose underneath during summer. I am so bothered baring my legs… I have tried waxing my legs but God, it’s so painful! So I stopped. I only shave whenever I need to wear a dress for an occasion…

  • thomas

    I don’t know why women are so paranoid over leg stubble. I happen to think it not only feels great, it is very sexy looking. when you think people are looking at your unshaved legs in disgust, mabey they are looking in admiration.

  • Kiara

    OMG i thought I was the only one with this problem! I swear you just took the words right outta my head. I would always look at other girls legs and envy the smoothness. I’ve never come across anyone with the same problem as me though :/ I have naturally brown/tan skin but my legs are WHITE from not being in the sun much at all. I don’t have the confidence to do what you did 🙁 and I’m about to go to college, so I’m even more nervous that my roommate will find me weird.

  • Poppy

    I have the same problem!!

  • Emanuelle

    I really envy you.. I have the same problem as you. i always wear a (black)panty underneath the shorts. i don’t have the courage to walk without them.. I really hate it so much. and everytime I see other woman with those perfect shaved legs, i get so jealous and it makes it much worser.. 🙁

  • Virginia

    You are probably talking about KP (Keratosis Pilaris). Basicly it’s a skin condition where your body makes new skin to fast, and it gets stuck in your pores and hair follicales, thus causing those bumps. 40% of the world population suffers from it.

    A bodylotion with Urea or Lactic Acit will help as wel as weekly/daily dry scrub. Good luck!

  • Gicelle

    I had a friend who had this-but no one even cared. In fact, I don’t think we ever mentioned it or thought about it too much. There were a lot of guys who thought she was really hott, and she had a great, hott, long-term boyfriend. IT really is a nonissue. No one else is judging you-or even really noticing it.

  • Catherine

    Try the nair hair removal but leave it for like 10 minutes longer then what the bottle says!

  • allison

    Thank you, Ashley!! I’ve always had this problem. I’m half black half white, and I’ve just got these black dots all over my legs. I don’t really mind showing my legs that much. I do it all the time, but I always get people staring at me and asking me what’s wrong with my legs with this look of horror on their face. It’s quite annoying… I’m so jealous of other peoples legs.

  • Hikaru

    Mine aren’t necessarily from the hair underneath the skin, but when I was young I had a rash on my legs and it scarred them up to 14 years later. It does annoy me, but I’ve lived without being able to show my legs for different reasons, so I’m just generally excited to show my legs just for the sake of showing them, enough so that I can overlook the fact that they don’t look perfect.

  • Haili

    I have it and I really hate it but after awhile I’m just like screw it and I don’t really think about it much anymore.

  • Rox

    I’m happy that you could go over it, I really need to be more confident sometimes

  • Ripley

    It’s not a big deal. They’re your pores/hair follicles.

  • Stormalicious

    I have the same problem! I actually find that putting scrubs and moisturizer on does help! I tried Haylees homemade scrub recipe and it really worked! hope this helps (;

  • Swallowtail

    I have the same problem but at one time, I thought “Eff this shit,” and I didn’t shave my legs until recently and felt really weird how my legs feel like against my clothes. Now I have those hairs grown again (I know it sounds gross) and somehow it felt better than hairless. But then again, that’s just me. 😀

  • Moriah

    I have the same problem where my legs look like I haven’t shaved even when I have! It’s just a dark hair thing. If people don’t like it they don’t have to look at it. 🙂 haha

  • christine

    oh my god i thought i was the only one with this problem :/