Flashback: 10 Fictional ’90s Characters Who Were In The Friend Zone

Ah, the friend zone. When it comes to relationships and crushes, there are few things worse than being stuck there. No one likes to hear their crush of all crushes say something like, “Aw, you are SUCH a good friend,” or “I need some advice on this person I like.” Ugh.

I’ve learned a lot about the friend zone thanks to some of my favorite TV shows and movies. There are tons of fictional characters out there who were stuck in the friend zone. Since that’s Hollywood and not real life, most of these characters eventually leave the friend zone – but that doesn’t mean we can’t feel for them as they deal with it over, like, seven consecutive seasons or whatever. Check out these TV and movie characters from the ’90s (and early 2000’s) who helped us realize how much it sucks to be friend zoned.

Which of these characters is your favorite? Have you ever been stuck in the friend zone? Which characters did I miss? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Morgana5953

    Poor “Snap.”

  • The 13th Doctor

    Definitely agree with Ross!
    Apparently my friends think I seem kind of like him.
    … Not sure if I should take that well or not…

  • That1guy

    If girls would tell the truth and not lead people on that would be great to haha

  • Fernando

    In the list you should of incorporated Arnold from “Hey Arnold”. He not only was in the freindzone, but he was also was in a love triangle, little that he know. Friendzone- Arnold likes Lyla and they would of been together, you seen this in some episodes. However Helga secretly LOVED Arnold. And the reason why Lyla and Arnold didnt happen was because Helga told Lyla that she loved Arnold when Helga tried to convince Lyla to be the Juliet so she could kiss Arnold. Hence Lyla Friendzoning Arnold, and he never knew why. Poor Arnold and Helga :/

  • ZoZo

    Snape technically still works because weren’t the books written in the nineties? I think they were…

  • Kitten

    I must say, I’m surprised an article centered around “friend-zoning” made it onto this blog. I would probably have said that these were characters with unrequited love, not “stuck in the friend zone.” Yuck…I do like most of the other stuff you guys post, but this one didn’t quite feel right.

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  • irene

    ‘Friendzone’ is a very mysoginystic term, it places the blame on women for not sleeping with every boy who fancies them. Also, only boys in this character list. I wonder why. Maybe because ‘friendzoned’ male characters are portrayed in a simpathetic light, and encouraged to pursue their love interest further despite their obvious lack of interest, while ‘friendzoned’ girls are usually played for laughs, making her to be a hopeless pesky fool. Double standards much, huh? I’m dissapointed with gurl.

    • Trent M.R. Bateman

      friend-zone can be used on girls too it just a majority of people don’t do that and gurl especially didn’t do it here.

  • Aimee

    How could you not include Ron from Kim Possible?

    • the late great 90s kid

      They kissed they dated i dont see a friend zone i see just opposites attracting

    • Nope

      Because he beat the friendzone.

  • AngelofHyrule


    I really really REALLY hate the term “friendzone”. It makes it seem that two people HAVE to end up getting together, just because one of them likes the other. It makes it seem like the one who doesn’t return the feelings is a bad person because they don’t have romantic feelings for the other.

    Is that the case? It shouldn’t, but that’s what I feel like is implied when I hear the word.

    Sorry. This just really fires me up because, as a girl, I have a lot of male friends and I’ve “friendzoned” a few guys in my life. Why? Because I don’t like them, and its not fair (to me AND them) to be with them when I don’t return those feelings, yet this term implies “oh, well they like you, why don’t you like them?” Because I don’t and I have every right to say no!

    Nice list. This topic just fires me up a bit…..

  • x

    Girls get friendzoned too buit you don’t usually see them complainig about it – because society tells us is our fault when we do (we weren’t pretty anough, or were too clingy, or too detached, texted too much or too little, etc) and you know what? girls aren’t obligated to get in romantic relationships with boys just because they’re nice or whatever, and they shouldn’t be made feel guilty for it with things like this… ‘Oh, poor boys, stuck in the friendzone, pity them’. Not how it works.