GIF My Life: Family Vacations

We either look forward to upcoming family vacations or we straight up dread them. There’s rarely an in-between, right? Whether you’re traveling to another country, another state, or another region, family vacations aren’t without their fair share of drama, confusion and conflict. Sure, there’s some great family moments, but usually that’s forgotten thanks to an argument about proper translations or how to read a map.

GIF Girl is no stranger to this kind of madness, so here’s her take on family vacations, in gifs!

When I’m on vacation, I imagine myself roaming a city and looking super fierce and being super independent. I know what sites I want to see, where I want to shop, what foods I want to eat; everything! I’m so ready.

angelina jolie walk


But then I’m forced back to reality and remember that this is a family vacation, full of cramped hotel rooms and my parents wearing outfits that scream “tourist.”

gravity falls tourist


And thanks to my parents freaking out about my safety, it’s almost as if I have less freedom on vacation than I do at home.

sad cat snow


There’s a schedule that I have to follow. I just want to yell, “TIME OUT!”

do the right thing time out



Haha nope. In a way it’s almost like school.

English class is my dad wondering why I didn’t bring a book for the long journey.

ain't nobody got time for that


Math class is figuring out how much money I have to spend on souvenirs. 

man counting money bread


P.E. is that random hike that my sister wants to take when I’d rather sleep.

sleepy black and white


Museums are history class.

ferris bueller museum


Art class consists of getting really creative with my makeup since I left most of it at home.

america's next top model bad makeup


French class includes talking to some hot French dude.

sailor moon heart eyes


And just like my French grade, I fail miserably.

fist bump fail


It’s not all bad though. There can be some great family togetherness.

skins gen 3 liv sister maude


But let’s be real, those sweet moments can be pretty fleeting and five minutes later my parents do something super embarrassing. In public, of course.

harry potter molly weasley arthur weasley family dance


But honestly, in the end I have to deal with the annoying factors of family vacation and take it for what it is. I should feel grateful that I’m on vacation in the first place.

harry potter weasley family


I just hope that my dad doesn’t attempt the local accent.

nicolas cage accent ello



Do you look forward to family vacation or do you dread it? What was your last family vacation like? Tell us in the comments!

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