The Biggest Turn-Off’s For Guys

No matter how independent, strong and awesome you are, we’ve all wondered this at least once in our life: What are guys looking for in a girl? Of course, this is a question that will never have a definite answer because all dudes are different and like different things. But that has never once stopped researchers from attempting to find an answer. While these “answers” can’t give us any clues as to how every single male in the universe feels, they can help give us an idea of how the majority of guys generally feel about things… which is sort of helpful, I guess?

Anyway, this survey is one of those ones trying to find an answer to what guys want in a lady and the responses show us some of the biggest turn-off’s for guys. You know you’re curious. So what doesn’t turn a dude on when they’re on a date with you? Too much of, well, anything. Apparently, when it comes to impressing guys, less really is more.

This new research, done by, found that guys really are paying attention to your makeup and clothes and all that. A third of the men studied said they hated crazy dark, orange-looking fake tans and almost as many said that heavy makeup was also a turn-off. As for clothes? 56 percent of men studied said they weren’t into “extreme fashion” (think Lady Gaga or Jessie J). 25 percent of guys said they didn’t like trendy shoes, like big platforms.

So what do guys want us to wear? Over 50 percent of the men studied said that their favorite date look on a girl is the famous little black dress with a pair of heels. 47 percent said they liked the look of skinny jeans with a “figure-hugging” shirt and natural makeup. This one may surprise you (it certainly surprised me, as my boyfriend wouldn’t know the difference between Chanel and Forever 21 if his life depended on it), but 47 percent of dudes look for designer labels on you, although the majority of them said they can’t tell the difference.

Basically, over half the guys studied said they like when girls keep it simple and casual. I guess dudes are into the natural makeup look and classic, chic fashion. Honestly, I can’t say I’m surprised. Almost every guy I know has never understood the trendier things girls wear. And once, when I opted for a colorful eye makeup look, one of my exes squinted at me and said, “Why is there so much… stuff… on your eyes?”

While this is interesting to read and know and all that, it’s not something I would take super seriously. First of all, you should wear whatever kind of clothes and makeup you want regardless of what the “majority” of guys out there think. If it makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself, who cares if there are a few guys out there going, “ugh, I wish she were a little more simple.” Little black dresses get boring fast – be unique, girl!

Second of all, and I know this sounds corny, a guy who is truly into you won’t care what you’re wearing or how much makeup is on your face. He’ll love you for your amazing personality and your super awesome brain. Seriously! I’m very self-conscious about my face without makeup (I know, I know, practice what you preach) and whenever I don’t have it on in front of my boyfriend, I for some reason feel the need to apologize. And he always, without fail, says something like, “Don’t be ridiculous. You’re beautiful either way.”

My point is, dress for yourself. Don’t let studies like this bully you into dressing for guys. Wear what you like – you’re the one spending money on this stuff, after all. If you’re confident and you can pull it off, the right dude will dig that.

Do you dress to impress guys? Are you surprised by these turn-offs? Do you think you have a natural look? Tell me in the comments!


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