The 13 Do’s And Don’ts To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger

As I’ve said before, having big boobs can be a pretty big hassle sometimes. I mean, I love my admittedly large breasts, but they can be a pain! (You even have to buy special, expensive bathing suits for them.) However, this doesn’t seem to stop the constant barrage of emails I get from you girls asking how you can make your boobs look bigger or how you can actually force them to grow bigger. It makes me a little sad.

So I decided to address the issue. Here’s the truth: you can’t make your boobs grow bigger. That’s impossible. There is no magic pill that will make your boobs grow. The only way to actually make your breasts larger is to get plastic surgery. But you can make your boobs look bigger, which is sort of the next best thing. And since that can be a little tricky, I’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts of making your boobs look bigger.

Listen up: I’m not trying to encourage any of you to want to change your bodies. I’m definitely not trying to say that bigger boobs are better than smaller ones. I just know how it feels to really, really want to change something about your body. As much as I want you girls to be confident and happy with how you look, I know that sometimes, adjusting things to how you want them can make you feel better about yourself. So, do what makes you happy. But keep these things in mind:

Do you want to make your boobs look bigger? Are you happy with your breast size? Have you ever tried any of these things? What works for you? Tell us in the comments.


For Large Breasts, Cleavage Isn’t Always Sexual

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  • Kathrina

    Dont exercise after surgery until your surgeon gives you the all-clear. Moving your arms, working your chest muscles, and increasing your heart rate can all lead to inflammation, bleeding, and pain, so stay away from vigorous movements until you are approved for it at your post-op.

  • Kathrina

    Another great (and free) way to make your boobs look bigger is to ensure you have correct posture. When we slouch, allow our shoulders to slump forward and hunch our back, our breasts cave in and down. However, when we pull our shoulders back, lift our chin and straighten our back, our breasts move up and forward. Ta-da – instant breast lift and enhancement!

  • Brittany

    I was 23 when suddenly my boobs grew and no I didn’t get pregnant. I went from AA to DDD. And when I lost weight I kept the boobs. XD Sooooo yes, you can grow boobs kinda sorta. Honestly, it was finally when I accepted myself as part of the itty bitty titty committee with a husband and all and I suddenly got huge tits. DX I am 25 now. Still no kids. I guess they grew cause love cause I got married at 23 too. Haha!

    But my family is full of infamously late bloomers.My dad didn’t grow his last inch until his was 25.

  • Myranda

    So this is going to be a little disappointing but I’m 16 and I have been trying for years to make my boobs go from a A to a C.
    Unfortunately for me I have a fast metabolism so their is nothing I can really do about it. I’ve tried flack seeds I’ve tried pushups and boobs workouts. I even massage them. I’m literally at the point where I’m trying to use magic to help me. Going and getting crystals, Meditation, oils, spell books, wishing paper, wishing stones, good luck fish, cards, everything. I eat WAY more since than. I work out more. And I’m actually starting to see a difference. I’m not saying spells work. But I am saying is motivation works. Just eat the proper foods. Don’t over work out cause you don’t want to lose that fat. And bras help from sagging. Unfortunately boobs will sag no matter what. But bras will help slow that down.
    Pills might work or even creams. You just might get really cranky and moody so be careful. But my boobs are almost a B cup now and I’m pretty happy about that. When I’m on my period my boobs expand and go to a full B almost a C so that means my boobs will eventually get their permanently. Patentice is key with this. It’s been a few months so a change is happening. Oh and sport bra are your “breast” friend. They help a lot. You can even wear your bra under them. Good luck. Hope this helps.

  • Aria

    I remeber that in grade 7 is was able to wear AA (baby bra) and now that i’m grade 9 i wear a 34B and its damn annoying doing yoga, cause all me and my friend Lyric see are our boobs when we are told to look at our stomachs

  • HKaz☮

    All I’ll say is wait till you get older between 16-17 seriously they will pop out of nowhere. A cup to E seems magic…. Never be insecure just embrace what’s been given to you!

  • shay

    I’m 15 and in high school. push up bras are completely useless to me because there literally isn’t anything to push up. I have the smallest boobs in school. I’m sick of getting made fun of for it saying I should get surgery, I could be a ballerina. Ibe never let myself have a boyfriend even if I suspected the guy liked me or I liked him because I knew he’d be disappointed when he found out my “boobs” were empty air space in a too big bra. It makes me so miserable 🙁 36a’s dont complain ! I’d kill to have your boobs.

  • vineze

    how can i let my breast grow to atleast at B cause my friends are to big breast and im totally out of place!!! plss… help me plsssssssssssss..

  • vineze

    oohhw kayla were too the same mine are so very small i dont even know what to do i cant even where a baby bra?