Quiz: Are You Really Over Your Ex?

The ex. There is always at least one person who is always going to be your ex. If your relationship has recently ended, you might be confused about lingering feelings for your ex. Or you’re totally indifferent and relieved that it’s over, especially if you’re the one who ended it. Or…you could be a total Facebook stalker who can’t stop reading old sappy texts until you’re crying into your pillow

Even if you think that you’ve moved on, have you really? Are you just putting up a front? Or, perhaps, you’re over your ex and you just don’t know it yet! Whether you’re still following them on Twitter or you’ve already burned all of your ex’s photos, you have to take our quiz to find out if you’re really over your ex for sure!



Are you still reeling from a breakup? Is one of your friends dealing with a bad split and their angst is driving you up the wall? Tell us in the comments!

How Do I Break Up With My Boyfriend?
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