The 10 Best Things About Having A Sister, In GIFs

As much as my sister annoys me sometimes (we’re actually fighting right now over a computer charger… long story, don’t ask), I truly love her and genuinely cannot imagine my life without her. In fact, I don’t want to imagine my life without her. It was bad enough when she went away to college earlier this year – I cried for hours and didn’t feel like myself for an entire week.

So I don’t want to get too sappy here, but my little sister is definitely one of my favorite people in the world. There are a lot of great things about having a sister, just like there are a lot of great things about having a brother (I would have wrote about my brother also, but Caitlin did that here!). Whether you have a sister or not, read the 10 best things about having one, explained in GIFs:


You have a built-in best friend. 

mka gif

Source; Tumblr


If she’s younger, you get to be a role model, which is nice sometimes. If she’s older, you get a role model. 

role model gif

Source: Tumblr


Your closet basically doubles, because you two can share clothes whenever. 

clothes gif

Source: Giphy


You always have someone to talk to or goof around with at home.

sister gif



You can drag her around with you when you’re running errands. 

daria gif

Source: Tumblr


You have someone who will always be honest with you – sisters will tell you if they hate your outfit. 

honest gif

Source: Tumblr


You can test out new makeup and hair things on her first.

makeup gif

Source: Giphy


She’s not super protective over you like a brother is when it comes to guys and stuff. In fact, she can actually help you land a dude. 

high five gif

Source: Tumblr


You know that no matter what you guys fight about, you’ll still love and be there for each other in the end. 

sisters gif

Source: Tumblr


You have someone to hang with at boring family functions. 

sister gif

Source: Giphy


Do you have a sister? Which of these things is the best? What did I miss? What do you love about being a sister? Tell me in the comments!


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