15 Cheap And Free Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 16th, and I don’t blame you if you’re freaking out about what to get for your dad. Dads are the greatest, and we love them so much. But they are pretty much impossible to shop for because if they want something, they’ll just go out and get it. They have everything they need, so really what are you supposed to get them?

I think dads get tired of receiving ties as gifts, and I like to think outside the box when it comes to presents anyway. Not to mention, anytime I got my dad something pricey, he’d get upset that I spent that kind of money on him. Plus, dads love handmade things.

I’ve rounded up some awesome affordable gifts and some DIYs that you can give your dad this Sunday. Click through and see what you can get for your pops!

Always Your Little Girl Keychain

Sometimes your dad needs a reminder that you're still his little girl so get him one for his keys!

Buy it on Etsy for $18!

Dad Soup Bowl

Who doesn't love a good soup bowl? This one you can personalize with DAD or his initials.

Buy it on Etsy for $12.99!

I Love That You're My Dad Plaque

This is perfect for your dad to put on his desk or to hang up in his office. He'll think of you every time he looks at it!

Buy it on Patina Stores for $7.95!

Legendary Cufflinks

Every guy needs cufflinks! This pair lets your dad know that you think he's legend...waitforit...dary!

Buy it on Etsy for $12!

BBQ Branding Iron

For the dad who's also a grill master so he can brand his steaks however he likes!

Buy it on Patina Stores for $19.95!

Personalized Golf Towel

For the dad who loves to hit the golf course, get him a personalized golf towel!

Buy it on Etsy for $12!

Superman Travel Mug

This is great for dads on the go who need a little reminder that they're super!

Buy it on Patina Stores for $14.95!

Hand Cream

My dad never has hand cream but always asks to borrow mine or my mom's! Get your dad some hand cream that he won't be afraid to use.

Buy it at Sephora for $15!

Necktie Cookies

Dads always expect ties on Father's Day, but why not make him these necktie cookies instead?

Personalized Couch Potato Basket

Make a couch potato basket for your dad so he can relax all day AND have control of the remote! Check out this inspiration from Darling Doodles!

Make A Coupon Book

Make your dad a coupon book valid for things like doing yard work, washing the car and other chores. Or you can throw in things like "Good for 1 foot rub!"

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Make Him A Personalized Mug

You can get a plain white mug and use a permanent marker to customize it for your dad. Check out this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess to see how to make it last.

Breakfast In Bed

I know in my family, my dad never got breakfast in bed because he got up so early. If you have to get up before him to do it, then go right ahead. Surprise your dad with his favorite breakfast in bed!

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Cook Dinner

This is a gift for your mom too! Plan to make dinner and give your parents a date night.

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Hang Out With Your Dad

Just spend time with the big guy! He's your dad, and he'll be so happy that you wanted to hang out with him all day instead of your friends.

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What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day? Are you making him something? Tell us in the comments!

And maybe avoid him catching you mid-hookup

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