Would You Rather: First Date

What’s worse than a first date marked by paralyzing uncertainty and worry? Here’s what’s worse: A first date marked by paralyzing uncertainty and a sudden fart.

Well, even if your first dates tend to be full of fun and lacking embarrassing bodily functions, you can’t help but think about potentially awkward scenarios, right? And if you don’t think about those things, well, we’re making you think about it now. Take our Would You Rather poll to see what situations you’d rather face on a first date.



What’s one of your most embarrassing first date stories? Do you have any rules you live by when it comes to first dates? Tell us in the comments!

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  • CloverTea123

    I’d rather throw up and embarrass myself, than kill my date.

  • Marylee

    I actually threw up on me and my bf first date and he got up and held my hair back for me so…. Yea. It’s awkward but it happens to some people, the guys either a gentleman about it or not.

  • Laura

    I owe no guy anything, nor would I allow him to think that I do. I ALWAYS pay my own way, and proud of it!

  • RandomInternetChick

    This was actually a second date at the movies, and I had never kissed anyone and the guy (now bf) started to make out with me and I knew I was horrible. Then his ex somehow got my number and started to text me during the movie, begging me not to go out with him. It creeped the hell out of me…….

  • BreezyBree

    These questions weren’t even a challenge boooo haha. If a guy wants to split the bill on the first date I, personally, would be offended. Its the gentleman thing to do. And opens up to how he may be in a relationship later on. I see it as being cheap .. Now if it were a few dates in or he was my boyfriend that’d be a different story! The last date I went on the guy asked me if he should leave a tip (totallll turn off, of course you should!) &contemplated to me whether I should pay for our movie tickets so he cud buy something else -___-(later that day he tried to make out&grope me in public*shivers* so I ended it early). I don’t like cheap guys Lol. I know I sound very materialistic but its just, if you don’t have the manners and respect to do the gentlemanly thing to do, and despite the way you’ll come across on a FIRST date, then that’s a completeeee turn off..

    • CloverTea123

      offended that you payed for half of the food, that you ate. Dude, grow up. Why should a guy have to pay for everything? He earned his money.

  • Sarah Enzman

    i can’t believe people wouldn’t make the guy pay its gentlemanly thing to pay for the bill

    • 3D.glasses

      this is the TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY!!
      My money is a good as anyone else’s. I don’t want to be someone’s kept woman. TBH I’d be a little insulted if a guy insisted on paying for the whole bill.

  • Matilda

    I went on a first date that was also a double date. The other couple didn’t talk to each other, so it felt like they were our chaperons.

  • Shane

    Kind of surprised at the number of people who would rather feed their date something they’re allergic to than throwing up in front of them. I have a severe peanut allergy and would be much more up for a second date if my date got sick rather than if they almost killed me. (or you know, actually ended up killing me)

    • Chantelle

      That’s my thought too. I have a bad shellfish allergy and would rather not end up in the hospital.

    • Alicia

      But what if you didn’t know?And,anyway, both situations could end up with someone at the hospital. I don’t have food allergies, but I can imagine how embarrassing having to end up in the hospital would be.

      I just would not want to have to throw up in front of my date. They’d probably be disgusted and, unlike a food allergy, they would be as understanding about the situation.

    • Michelle

      I agree I chose throw up I would much rather be sick then have to go thro the embarrassment of having them get sick or maybe even end up in the hospital because of me