Is It Okay To Masturbate When You’re On Your Period?

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I have sort of a weird question that I’m scared to ask anyone else. Is it okay to masturbate when you’re on your period? Am I gross if I do it? And since there’s all that blood down there, is it unhealthy? Plus, how do you even do it?

Good news: it’s totally, totally fine to masturbate while you’re on your period. If you’re comfortable with it, it’s not gross and as long as you’re clean about things, it’s not unhealthy.

In fact, masturbating during your period is probably a big benefit to you. When you have your period, all of these crazy hormonal things are happening to your body and these hormones can make you even more in the mood, if you catch my drift. So, you probably feel extra, um, cravings to masturbate during this time anyway. Masturbation can also help relieve painful cramps from your period. And if you have mood swings, pleasuring yourself has been proven to make you feel happy and to help get rid of stress (read more about what masturbation does here). I see nothing but good things here!

I mean, yes, a masturbation session during your period may end up being more messy than masturbating when you’re not on your period. There’s blood down there so that makes sense, right? I would suggest laying down a few old towels before you get busy and, of course, washing your hands when you’re done. If you don’t feel like cleaning anything up, you can also try sitting on the toilet so things are more manageable.

As for how to do it, try stimulating your clitoris rather than doing anything vaginally. If you masturbate by stimulating your clitoris, you can keep a tampon in, which will help with the mess. If you don’t want to stick your fingers in there, you can try using sex toys, but make sure you don’t already have a tampon in your vagina – in fact, if you plan on putting anything inside of your vagina, make sure there is no tampon in there at all.

So, yes, masturbating while on your period is perfectly fine and totally normal. Don’t let anyone make you feel weird about doing it (you don’t even have to tell anyone!). This is your body and there’s nothing wrong with exploring it, even if things get a little messy. After all, this is just your blood we’re talking about here. No big deal!

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  • Suicidal Cat

    Hello I’m jaime and I well play with myself more than once and I’m worried bcuz I’ve been bleeding n its almost been two weeks idk if that’s OK so I need help I’m I okay or do I need to see a doctor plz help n tell

  • JaySprout

    If you want to masturbate by inserting things vaginally, without the mess…

    1. Softcups like Flex.
    2. Diaphragms like Caya.
    3. Soft tampons like Beppy.
    ^ All these absorb or collect flow, but still allow penetration.
    4. Use condoms so fingers or toys don’t get messy.
    5. Masturbate in the bath or shower.

  • Osama Bin Laden

    do it in the shower

  • hania

    i reallly want u to answer my question im very worriedd…..i masturbate during period and my period last only 4 days 2 days light menstural flow 2 days normal..plzz help me