What It’s Really Like To Lose Your Virginity, In GIFs

Losing your virginity can be a big deal – or, it can be not so much of a big deal. Having sex for the first time is a little nerve-wrecking, a little uncomfortable and usually pretty awkward. You don’t know what you’re doing so it’s basically a learning experience. And while every experience is of course different, some things are generally the same.

So, what is it really like to lose your virginity? You probably shouldn’t expect a lovey-dovey, ooey-gooey romantic scene from a movie – instead, it might go something like this. Here’s what it’s like to have sex for the first time, as explained in GIFs:


You finally decide that you’re ready to “do it.” 

ready gif

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You tell your boyfriend and he’s all: 

excited gif

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You two try to figure out where you guys can do it without getting caught or in trouble. 

plotting gif

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Finally, you plan the perfect night to do it. 

score gif

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You start to get nervous… what is sex really like? Is it going to hurt?

nervous gif

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You look it up on the Internet. OH GOD NO. It seems terrifying. 

no gif

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So you ask a more experienced friend for help. 

help gif

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Nothing calms your nerves. Why is losing your virginity SUCH a big deal? 

spongebob gif

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The night is here. You and your boyfriend try to act like it’s no big deal, but secretly, you’re both a little anxious. 

nervous gif

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Condoms are hard!

britney spears gif

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You guys start hooking up and things feel a little… awkward. 

awkward sex gif

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Okay, ouch! Seriously, OW! Is it always like this?! 

ow gif

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What goes where? How does this work? What… what is happening?!

scared gif

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You can’t help wondering what you look like in this position. 

awkward gif

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Thankfully, things improve as it goes on. 

success gif

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Afterwards, you’re both a little speechless. You finally lost your virginity! 

success gif

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But… it wasn’t, like, movie romantic. It was just… nice. A little awkward, but nice. 

shrug gif

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You don’t even feel that different. Is there something wrong with you?

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NOPE. Congrats! Cuddle time! 

cuddle gif

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Have you lost your virginity yet? What was it like? Was this accurate? What did I miss? Tell me in the comments!


I lost my friends when I lost my virginity

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  • smiley angel

    I was scared, it was nerve racking, I didnt know the guy at all, my friends set it all up for him to take my virginity. I wasn’t aware of what they had planned. All I knew was that i was going to meet this sexy cool dude at his awesome apartment. To top it all, the guy was really hot and I was so embarrassed with him undressing me. He didnt mind my age and me being so young. He was so nice about my age. I wanted to appear the cool type but I was still in my school uniform and things were happening so quick.
    He took a lot of time making me comfortable and very very horny. OMG I almost died when he started going down on me. All I could think was what my friends would think if they found out. He made me orgasm several times and I lost all self control. It didn’t hurt when he penetrated me and he made me orgasm a lot. I still remember, it seemed to go on forever but the pleasure was awesome.

  • Casey

    I was 15, he was 17, we met at a friend’s party. We went out for about 2 months and he started talking about having sex. I thought I was ready, he kept saying he loved me, he would marry me, wanted to grow old with me etc etc. I totally believed him because no other guy had ever paid me so much attention and complimented me so much about my ideas, nice skin, fashion sense and other stuff. He took me out to dinner and then to his uncle’s beach house which was vacant. That’s where we did it. It was painful even though he went slow and tried to get me horny. We did it a few times more after that but after each time, he got distant and started making excuses why he couldn’t see me. He really hurt me and broke my heart. My friends thought I was going nuts, I was on the phone with them day and night crying about him. It was the biggest mistake of my life; I still don’t think I’m totally over it. If you’re considering sleeping with someone please wait till you’re at least engaged. Honestly, you just never know if a guy is really that interested, no matter what he tells you. I’m studying law now so it’s not like I was stupid; guys are just experts at playing you in order to get into your pants. You’re worth more than that!

    • luvsDolphins

      Hang on, you are telling gurls to wait till they are engaged before they have sex!! wow and what guarantee does that give you, just because you are engaged?
      Even after marriage couples dont last for a few months!
      And you say you are studying law?? Wow! one hell’uva lawyer you will make!!
      All guys want to have sex. Some will pretnd they dont just to give you the impression they are sincere and honest and respectful. This is to put you at ease because they know this strategy works.
      Just get used to the fact that all guys will want to have sex and that there is no guarantee of a permanent relationship just because you have given up your virginity. You give up your virginity only because YOU want to give it up. Dont blame the guy for you feeling pressured into doing it. Dont you guys get tired and sick of using that same old excuse time and time again?

      Grow up Ms. Lawyer. For those who want to have sex, do it. It feels great. Be prepared and have no preconceived ideas. Take precautions and have fun. Sex is there for 2 reasons a) to enjoy and have fun b) to make babies.

      Dont let anyone put you on a guilt trip and dont jump the moral bandwagon. Just have a very practical attitude, have fun, enjoy, be safe and take precautions because sex is normal, natural, your birth right and just a pure function of your own body. You were created that way so there cannot be anything wrong with having sex provided you have the right attitude, take care and dont have any regrets.

      Watch for guys who have rampant sex because they have STDs too. Make sure they wear condoms.

      If you are in love with the guy then the emotions that go with it are very very beautiful but the feelings are on a different level in that situation.

      THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH SEX as long as you have reached puberty. Who you do it with, how you do it, when you do it DOES NOT MATTER. You decide that and NO ONE ELSE.

    • louisa

      yes dont blame the guy! blame it on your hormones OXYTOCIN. It is the bonding hormone that you have no control over and it makes you feel attached and connected to the guy you have sex with.
      This is a fact.
      But seriously, you didnt have sex just because he said he would marry you. Also which dumb ass would fall for crap like that?
      Be honest, you had sex because you liked him and wanted to get close and you conveniently got lulled into believing him so you could feel “not bad” for having sex.
      Come on Casey, time to be honest and accept that you were a willing partner.
      You wanted it, but you werent sure, but still did it because you wanted to hold on to him.
      Yes, guys will say that shit. That is called seduction. They will buy you gifts. They will take you to restaurants. They will play soft music. They will tell you good things about yourself so you will walk into their arms. You need to be more intelligent than that. If you are that dumb then you hav only yourself to blame.
      Sex is fun and really enjoyable. Girls need to have sex because they want to and NOT because there is an unspoken “fidelity clause” attached to it.
      Waiting until being engaged is such a stupid suggestion.
      Also just because a girl has sex does not make her any less worthy or less expensive. You live in the dark ages Casey. Your ideas are so so so so very old!!

  • pretty Lil Tulip

    I lost it this weekend. I dont know, I was nervous and anxious. The guy is a nice guy who I recently met through a friend. He seemed more experienced and I just went with what he wanted. I just felt very weird when he started going down on me. It made me self conscious because it is such an intimate thing. I was so nervous but I let go and let my guard down and I let him show me the way. I loved the sensations of him eating me out and I wanted more and more and he kept doing it to me. I finally realised how fantastic a good orgasm felt and thats what made me relax. He made me masturbate and showed me how to do things that would really get me very horny. He made me do those things and he loved to watch me. Naturally I was very shy and self conscious but he reassured me and put me at ease. To me it didnt matter that he was 8 years older. I was enjoying myself and I just went along with the pleasurable sensations that he was making me experience.I was a bit uneasy sucking him but he held my head and coaxed me and he was so horny that he cummed in my mouth. We cuddled and kissed a lot and then when he was horny again he said he wanted to take my virginity. He said I was still tight and so he used some lube and he made me go on my knees and hands and took me doggy style. I didnt know if I screamed but it was so good. He just forced it into me and I had an almost instant orgasm. I was expecting pain and bleeding but none of that happened. Many of my friends described their first experience as being very “sore and bl;oody” To me my experience was just the most awesome feeling I have ever experienced.
    😛 🙂 😛

  • lilbabygurl

    It was awkward for me especially because I was terribly naive and innocent. HAHA not anymore!
    I turned up to this guys place because my friends wanted me to meet him. They knew him well and they used to go to his place a lot and hang out with him in his “pad’ He was cool and had a great collection of music.
    I didnt know this was going to be my big day. I was dumb struck and couldnt believe that this “cool guy” could like me. I was just coming into puberty, awkward, clumsy, and really really naive.
    He kept holding me and kissing me and I was quite anxious that my friends were all going to walk in on me. Little did I realise that I was set up. I went with the flow and OMG I got the biggest surprise when he started kissing me between my legs. It scared me but it brought on this nice feeling and I kept opening my legs to allow him to explore deeper as the feelings got more intense. He parted my legs wider and forced his tongue deep inside me. I didnt know what to do because I had this instant gush from my vagina and it felt real good. He continued and I had waves of orgasms. He took my hand and made me rub my clit while he continued to explore deeper with his tongue. I just wanted more. This was fantastic. It felt good. This was just the start.
    He then took me into the bedroom and he just kept making me orgasm over and over again.
    I was so awkward when he made me jerk him off and suck him. I didnt know really what to expect. I thought I had hurt him when all that “gooey” stuff spurted out. But he seemed very happy.
    I was so aroused that when he penetrated me I didnt feel a thing. It never hurt. I just loved the rhythmic thrusting that sent me sky high with ecstasy. It was the best feeling in the world. I couldnt understand how anyone could say it was bad. I just lay back and enjoy the whole thing.
    From that day on it became a regualr thing. I would rush to his place after school. The sex was thrilling and so satisfying. I am still with him and a couple of years older. I must be the lucky one to have had such a great sexual start.

  • Mariah

    Yeah, sex is freakishly weird. It’s different for every girl, so never think you don’t fit in to the correct reaction or feeling.
    For me, I was going insane. Mostly we just went slow, the tip, then more, and a little bit more and you’re in. What I recommend is to just feel it being in there. Don’t immediately hump your brains out, just kind of wiggle around to get used to it.
    I think uniquely for me, my whole body, in my muscles and my veins did this static, numbness feeling, like when your arm goes dead for laying on it too long. It can be too much to handle all at once. Take breaks, drink water, and try again. It’s overwhelming at first, but always remember that it’ll get better. Also you might need to pee. Often.
    I did cry when we did it, but it was a gooey lovey dovey cry from happiness of, “I lost my virginity to the love of my life!” xD
    Good thing I did find the love of my life, because we was super weirded out that I cried and went soft, but we tried again later and it was great. 🙂

  • trish

    So my bf And I have been together for over 2 yrs he just left to the marines and im in my senior yr of highschool . He really wants to have sex and honestly so do I the problem is I’m terrified and I have a purity ring … I really want to because we really love each other and been through so much yet have stuck together and I honestly believe hes the one he even got me a promise ring . I don’t know what to do . Go with my heart or my head :/ plus I’m super scared of how painful it will b and I don’t want to get pregnant !

    • jasmine

      Trish, one piece of advice. DONT FEEL GUILTY. From what you say there is this terrible conflict in your mind. This is because sex is natural and instinctive and the force of what is natural and normal is greater than stupid morals. You must go with your heart. Dont be scared because it is NOT painful and you wont bleed. You need to relax and think how good it will be to feel so intimate with the one you love. That feeling of vulnerability with the sexual arousal and the orgasms are the most fulfilling feeling and sensations you will experience. If you are careful and use condoms you WONT fall pregnant. If you like the guy and you trust him and he is free of diseases then dont feel hesitant. I would recommend masturbating and exploring yourself a lot before you engage in sex with him. When you do have sex, foreplay is a must, Oral sex will prepare you hugely. So go and enjoy yourself. Find yourselves a nice private place when you have the luxury of time and privacy. Believe me I was very young when I started having sex and to me everything was totally new. Thankfully he was older and had his on place and this happened during school holidays. For 3 days we had nearly non stop sex. Yes I was initially apprehensive and anxious. Just imagine exposing my naked body to someone I had barely known. But the oral sex was great. He kept doing that repeatedly on me. Even though I was a lot younger I didnt bleed. It felt really good and I kept going to his place for more. I would find the smallest excuse to visit him and to have sex. Once I started my periods we started using condoms.

      • Courtney

        Sounds like this guy was too old be having sex with you considering that he had his own place. I’m 24 and no near my age should be having sex with pre-pubescent girls. Also, I would like to let other girls know that you can get pregnant before your first period. Also condoms aren’t just for pregnancy but for STDs as well. He was a grown man and should have know to be responsible and not to messing with someone so young. That’s my opinion.

        • Elsie

          Courtney, there is nothing like too old or too young. Irrespective of age you agree or want to be in a relationship because you like each others company and you feel you both suit each other.
          To look at things like age, skin colour, ethnicity, clothes you wear etc etc suggests it is not the person you are looking at, but superficial aspects which I feel are the reasons for why relationships dont last.
          To have a meaningful deep bond you need to look beyond the superficial. Why do you think an older guy is not the right person to be in a relationship with if you happen to be a younger girl? That is total bullshit and so wrong. Love goes deeper than that.
          Like Jasmine my bf is a lot older and some would call my relationship with him illegal. He is almosy 14 yrs older than me. I am turning 15 in 6 months. You may ask what is it that he finds interesting in me. That question in itself would suggest that I am dumb. Dont you think that 14 yr olds are intelligent and are capable of decision making ? Not all 14 yr olds are naive or innocent babies.
          I have been with my bf for the last 2 years. He was very keen to have sex right from the start. Just because I was scared and anxious didnt mean it was bad or wrong. Now I realise that I was scared only because I knew I was doing something that was against the stupid law and also was worried that something bad might happen to me. What ‘bad” I wasnt sure but it was just a concern.
          It took a few hours of foreplay. He made me orgasm a lot. He tried several times to penetrate me but I would move or he would slip out. It didnt hurt but it was just my anxiety. He finally positioned me at the edge of the bed and stood between my legs so i wouldnt close my legs when he tried to penetrate me. He kept rubbing my clit and made me have a huge orgasm and then using a lot of lube he forced himself into me and pushed real hard and deep. OMG it was the best sensation and i wondered why I was making all this fuss feeling scared when it was the most pleasurable feeling ever. From then on I wanted sex all the time. We just did it every time we felt like doing it. He told me that if anyone found out he would get into trouble because of how young I was. He said that he would be labelled a perv or a pedophile and would have to go to jail. I have told no one about us. His place and the privacy works well for us. I have no regrets or worries even though he is a lot older.

          • luvsDolphins

            you are such a great example of how mature a 14 yr old can be. Lovely attitude. Great! I hope you have a fantastic time and just enjoy the relationship. Things in life are not permanent so why not just enjoy instead of being so petty and pessimestic. Love your attitude Elsie.

  • Chelsea

    To all the girls that are scared. Don’t be. It’s supposed to be something enjoyable. You want it to be something you look back on and smile, maybe even laugh. It’s a little awkward, I won’t lie. Your nervous and sometimes the guy is just as nervous as you. Don’t stress out. Relax. If you both want to do it, then you have nothing to worry about. It’ll be fine. But never forgot to be smart and practice safe sex. Have fun

  • someone you don’t know

    I’ve only gotten the chance once. I had my first boyfriend and loved him deeply. Though, for some reason it took REALLY long time (in my opinion). After four months it was finally time. It felt like forever, especially since we both wanted it from the very beginning and I’ve wanted sex since I was 11. I got nervous, he suggested it before I was… ready… (okay, wet) and I freaked out. I wanted to, of course, but I was unprepared for the suggestion. Anyways, when he was about to do it… I couldn’t do it. Not that I “didn’t feel ready” or anything (I was BORN ready! Or at least I’ve wanted it since I was 11 so okay… I’ve never understood how you can not feel ready). But it hurt like hell. Like, I had heard it would hurt, but I didn’t believe it. I though that hey, it’s stretchable, and a frickin’ baby should come out of there so of course I could handle something much smaller! I also knew I had to relax, and I did. But it did not “hurt a little” like girl magazines said, it hurt LIKE HELL. Really, a killing, horrible wave of horrible, horrible pain. I automatically shit mu legs and pushed him away… He said I wasn’t ready, that I couldn’t do it until I was older because I wasn’t developed enough “down there”, it was too tight (he said it was NOT supposed to hurt that much). Not long afterwards he dumped me, which really took me by surprise because he was the greatest guy ever and I REALLY though he wouldn’t care about it and that we could just try again like the next week. I hate myself SO much for ruining that opportunity. Until I met him I had been 100% sure I’d never ever have sex, and once this miracle happened and I met a guy who for some reason actually loved me, I couldn’t imagine he’d actually want to have sex with me. I KNOW it was a once in a lifetime chance, and I ruined it.

    • Ally

      You didn’t ruin anything. If he’s too stupid and leaves you because of something like that, that’s not your fault and you couldn’t have done anything to change. Then he doesn’t deserve you and you should be happy he showed the type of guy he really was before you lost your v-card to him! A

    • maria

      Possibly yes. you might have ruined it but you learn through mistakes and things will get better. This is experience and yes you probably feel bad and blaming yourself for destroying it but it takes a mature guy who is patient and understanding to help and encourage the girl through and not to make her feel like a useless being. Remember, never run after a BUS or a MAN.. there is always another one behind! Remember every guy who is in love will want to have sex with the girl he loves. That is a natural and normal thing to happen. He didnt make a sacrifice by wanting to have sex. Don’t make him look like a saint. He isnt. He is flesh and blood like any other guy. There is nothing wrong about being “tight” All guys love a “tight” girl. Vaginas are meant to stretch and this will happen when you masturbate regularly or have sex regularly. This bullshit about being underdeveloped is so heavily played and misrepresented. Dont get taken in by that garbage. Dont feel bad. Things will get better. Dont blame yourself.

  • nikita

    Losing your virginity is no big deal. As girls we get fed all this crap about it hurting and the bleeding and rubbish that makes no sense. This generates a whole load of nervousness and anxiety about doing it. Doesnt make sense because sex is very very enjoyable. The key is to relax, make sure you are realy aroused and very wet and moist. You must engage is oral sex, masturbate and get the guy to finger you a lot so you know what it is going to feel like. Also use a lot of lube on his cock and in your vagina so when he penetrates you it is so enjoyable and the sensations are just out of this world. DONT GET SCARED. It isnt painful if you relax and have a good attitude towards sex. Dont let guilt come in the way of having fun.

  • PERRI24


  • Sara

    It didn’t hurt at all! And little to no blood. A little weird. 😀

    • lilgurl

      My first time was when I was 11 in the back of his car. it was all new to me. He used to let me watch him masturbate and he would finger me and make me orgasm. he also went down on me a lot previous to this happening so I was used to it all. Then one dday he said, “lets go down to the creek, there is a quiet sport there, no one ever comes there. I want to f**k you. Do you want to try it. It will feel good.”
      It was like an hour away and it was so quiet around there. We had a swim in the creek and then it happened. It didnt hurt and I didnt bleed, just a bit of a stretchy feeling. It is something i still remember. It was a great feeling.

  • Hannah

    It didn’t hurt my first time but I did bleed! It was enjoyable after that. 🙂

  • Ashley

    Semi accurate. My first time was on a mattress on the floor in my parents bedroom wasnt enjoyable whatsoever. It however did not hurt ! Surprisingly.

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  • sarah

    losing my virginity scares me so bad, like i’ve heard so many people talking about how much it hurts and all and i just cant bring myself to do it :/

    • Simonexoxox

      omg, i feel the same way.

      • Gina

        Sarah, If you masturbate with your fingers and the smooth end of a hairbrush you will prepare your vagina for penetration by a hard penis. Your first time should not hurt too much or maybe not at all. But masturbate often! Then sexual intercourse with guys after the first time will be phenomenal. I truly love having sex as often as possible!

  • Gabby

    That Chord Overstreet gif was….just…*swoon*

    • Christah

      Ikr!!! I just love him.

  • Alicia

    IT hurt.. A LOT lol…i was scared but after a little while it was nice. you just have to make sure your first time is with someonw who your COMFORTABLE with..that way if things seem confusing or you dont know what to do..it wont be awkward(: