Listen To Hart And Wear Whatever The Heck You Want

Sometimes when you’re poking around the interwebs all day, you can get a little down. There are so many bad things happening out there like violence and bullying. I get sensory overload a lot. But there are some really awesome things happening too!

I try not to watch too many funny videos on YouTube because then I wouldn’t get anything done with my day. But this one I couldn’t resist. Hart is a comedian with a pretty popular YouTube channel called Hartbeat. She’s super funny and great, so I highly recommend her.

Some commenters have called her out for not dressing more feminine. Basically, because Hart is a lesbian and likes women, she should dress like a woman. Um…what?

So Hart responded with the most awesome video of the day.

Hart OWNS the commenter and makes a hugely important point in the process. You can express yourself in whatever way you choose! Just because you’re a female doesn’t mean you have to dress feminine. I mean, I have guys’ clothes in my closet that I wear on the reg!

I hate that these stereotypes are still around! It’s 2013! Why are we trying to convince women to conform to the old whacked-out ideas of how a woman should look? Are women not allowed to wear the color blue because it’s not feminine enough? Heaven forbid we wear t-shirts!

You should dress however you want to dress and in whatever way you feel best expresses your personality. Even if it’s by wearing a watermelon bikini.

No one can tell you who to be or how you should act. The most important thing is that you are true to yourself. Take a lesson from Hart and just BE YOU.

What do you think about Hart’s response? Do you agree with her? Tell us in the comments!

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