15 Crazy & Interesting Penis Facts

Let’s face it, penises are sort of weird. We don’t know a ton about them because we don’t have them (obviously), they’re seemingly uncontrollable snake-like body parts hanging off of a dude and also they just look really funny. So wouldn’t it be kind of fun to learn some crazy and interesting facts about a penis, even if we don’t have one for ourselves? Yup.

I mean, penises might seem a little bit intimidating, especially if you’ve never actually seen one, but there are actually some seriously crazy facts about them! I learned a lot about every dude’s most prized possession while writing this and honestly, I feel like it’s even helped me understand guys a little bit better. Read on to check out these weird, crazy and interesting penis facts. 

What do you think about these facts? Did you know any of these already? What do you think is the most interesting? Tell me in the comments!


10 crazy and interesting facts about masturbation

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  • Mar Gillard

    A man ejaculates 7200 times in his life!? Only? I orgasm more than once a day, every day! I am 59 years old, still more miles left on the penis odometer yet. 12 years old is when I found a new toy to play with. Ejaculating, say only once a day for the 47 years since I became sexual is 47 x 365 = 16,790 times, more than twice your statistical 7200. In my prime I could orgasm 25 times per day.
    Socioeconomic disadvantages in my life made my virilty a curse really.
    Women despised and shunned my desperation. They sense it a mile away. Fyi, I don’t smoke or drink.

  • DocGeorge

    Another interesting fact: most men don’t pay adequate attention to everyday male organ health. They may check for STIs, but don’t do much more. These guys need to be using a first rate penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to deal with things like dry penis skin, organ odor, etc.

  • rat boy

    I want to know facts about pussy tooooooooo

  • moorthy

    very nice analysis, i am impressed and a little bit not true i think

  • Dj

    That is so weird their D WAY DARCKER in some cases the tips are pink circumcised is the worst

  • Annette

    Lay off the cigarettes. Seriously, we all make choices everyday. Stop being so judgmental!
    By the way, I’ve smoked ONE in my whole life, and I still defend the right to freedom!

  • pinkheart

    Those are interesting facts, is their a way to send the information or is their an app for those facts and information?

    I know if I ever told my friends some of these facts they would never believe me. This helps explain a lot about penises. Dick talk is one of those things that either comes up or doesnt, and someone always thinks they are an expert or their bf has the magic penis.

    Guys giving themselves oral sex has to be the weirdest and I unfortunately have seen that (not in person) but some guys can do that. Dont go looking for it online because you will find it. The part about the darker color and if its a grower or shower penis was interesting.

  • LittleRedWolfGirl

    Despite my logical half telling me “Don’t read this, you’re only going to get grossed out” curiosity got the better of me and I read it anyway. Yes, they’re interesting facts, but I had to work extra hard at not visualizing anything because…. *shudders*

  • Elizabeth

    The one about smoking is a very good way to persuade your boyfriend to cut it, haha

  • Lily

    That awkward moment that you know that your boyfriend is one of those 1 in 400 xD And he says that it really shouldn’t creep people out. After all, most guys give themselves handjobs. Whats the difference? That is like saying that blowjobs are worse than handjobs.

    • It’s O.K.

      Here is another interesting observation/fact. Apparently, sucking yourself feels more like blowing some guy than getting a blowjob. I mean ladies(/gentlemen too I suppose), suck on one of your fingers, which can you feel better, the finger or your mouth. See?

  • catwhip

    “some Men Are Flexible Enough To Give Themselves Oral Sex”
    am I the only one who thought of scary movie 2?

    • Jillian

      No, I think I thought of it, too…in very graphic detail. That’s…disturbing.