From The Message Boards: My Boyfriend Is Bad At Sex!

Sometimes, sex isn’t always great. You can have awesome chemistry with someone, but you might not work together in bed. Or you might really love someone, and something just isn’t doing it for you in the sheets.

This week on the message boards, you girls are talking about what to do if your boyfriend isn’t great in bed because he only pays attention to himself so you end up faking it.

Let’s see what y’all had to say!

Nobody said:

It is a big deal, I’d seriously talk to him about it and tell him where you’re coming from. And I hate to say it but if he’s not willing to take the time to please you he really can’t be that great of a guy and care about you all that much (speaking from experience). Tell him something like “How would you feel if I got off all the time and you never did and when you got upset I just told you to go ‘masturbate'” and just see how it goes.

S0Exciited said:

My main advice to you is never fake it again. Your boyfriend is a selfish lover, and you aren’t making things any better by faking it and keeping your mouth shut. A silent lover is an unsatisfied one. Tell him he isn’t satisfying you because he’s not trying! He needs patience.

mandakim said:

If he can’t be bothered pleasuring you now, imagine how he’s going to be when/if you get married. Do you want to spend the rest of your life being literally used for his pleasure and him not giving a rats about yours?

He doesn’t need to “change a little”, he needs to “change a LOT” and needs to understand how important it is for BOTH of you to enjoy sex. It’s a two person activity. Make sure he knows that, and if he doesn’t care or cant be bothered changing, dump him! There a lot of guys out there who WILL care about your pleasure and make sure you both enjoy the experience.

It totally sucks when you aren’t having good sex with your boyfriend. But you absolutely need to speak up! Faking it is the worst thing you can do. He’s just going to keep doing the same thing since he thinks he’s getting it right!

If your sex life isn’t what you want it to be, you have to say something. You have to tell your partner what you want! You don’t have to tell your partner that they suck in bed, but just explain what you like and how you want things to be done. Let him know “I really like it when you do this,” or take a different approach and ask if y’all can try something new.

Sex is a two-way street. If your partner doesn’t know what you like in bed, there’s no way that they’ll be able to please you. Before you have sex again, sit your partner down and talk about it. Having an open dialogue about sex will also make things much better between you two.

Have you ever had a partner that was just no good? What did you do? Tell us in the comments!

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