10 Things We Wish We Learned In Sex Ed

Sex ed is very important, y’all. A lot of schools are stupidly still teaching abstinence-only sex ed classes, which is proven to be super ineffective. At my school, they separated boys and girls and took us on this weird sex ed field trip to a museum. We then watched an old black and white film about periods and sex.

To say it was bizarre would be an understatement. And we really didn’t learn anything. After that, we didn’t have sex ed again. It was like one day. We learned some things in biology, but other than that, we were kind of on our own.

mean girls sex ed

Basically this was my class. Source: weheartit

Fortunately, my best friend’s sister was way older than us so she was always there to tell us about sex growing up. And my mom is like the COOLEST so I was totally comfortable going to her if I had questions.

But I know not everyone is that lucky. I don’t know one person that had a useful sex ed class. Here are some things we wish we learned in sex ed!

Are there any things you wish you learned in your sex ed class? Did you have sex ed? Tell us in the comments!

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  • LittleRedWolfGirl

    How about sex ed for same sex couples? They never teach ANY of that! We kinda have to do all our own research.

    • Dawn

      I completely agree with you. My sister fell in love with a girl and we we’re trying to figure out how she could try to seduce her, or I don’t know, kinda seem attractive to her but there’s nothing on the internet or books that tells a girl how to date a girl. That just seem to exist in porn and it’s very sad to me. We were searching things to help her and it was always advices for boys, but eh! my sister doesn’t have big muscles to show her masculinity xD

  • Abby

    My school district isn’t even allowed to talk about half this stuff! Since they take an “abstinence only” stance, they aren’t allowed to talk about homosexuality or how to even deal with relationships!