Reader Hookup Confession: His Dad Caught Me Naked!

If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession, and then send your own to

My boyfriend and I, let’s call him B, were on a family camping trip together. I know that sounds weird, but our families are actually really good friends, so it was normal for us to go camping together. However, this was the first time were dating while going on this trip.

During the middle of the night one night, I decided to sneak into his tent so that we could hook up. I had brought some of my cute lingerie and thought that he would think I was super sexy for coming into his tent all dressed up in it. I snuck up on him and gently unzipped his sleeping bag. He was snoring, which was weird, I didn’t know that he snored. Anyway, I got into the sleeping bag, but I couldn’t fit. Had he gotten fatter overnight? 

It didn’t take long for me to figure out that I was in his dad’s tent, not his! I tried to run out before I woke him up, but I heard him yelling, “who’s there?” right as I was leaving. He probably got a pretty good view of my butt as I ran out of the tent. The next morning, he acted like nothing happened, but it was SO awkward.

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  1. avatarAish123 says:

    Ohhh! I am sorry about u!

  2. avatarmoncerrat says:

    omg i feel bad for you!!!:(

  3. avatarMichelle says:

    OMG that must’ve been totally awkward! How old are you?

  4. avatarRandomInternetChick says:

    I am so sorry!!!

  5. avatarGina says:

    That was embarrassing but I bet he nevers forgets your bare butt.

  6. avatarbubblegum16 says:

    omg i am so relieved it was not me

  7. avatarLola says:

    Lmao!! that is more awkward than anything…

  8. avatarpinkheart says:

    Super embarrassing. Glad it wasnt me.

  9. avatarInDapinque says:

    OMG now that is really awkward,thank your goodness he was so matured about it jezzz lolz.

  10. avatarC says:

    Wow that was the best Hookup Confession I’ve seen in a while.

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