15 Of The The Best Feelings In The World For Girls

Being a girl can be pretty awesome sometimes. Okay, most of the time for me because I love being a girl, as corny as that sounds. Sure, there are times when I could pee in a bush without panicking about someone seeing my bare butt or walk around with no shirt on when it’s 100 degrees out, but generally, being a girl is great.

So to celebrate all the ladies out there, I decided to put together a list of the best feelings in the world for girls. When any of these things happen to you, it feels amazing… even though dudes will probably never get it. Check out 15 of the best feelings in the world for girls and fill me in if I missed anything!


Taking your bra off at the end of the day. 

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When you shave your legs and they feel super smooth all day. 

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When you unexpectedly get your period and you think you’re screwed but then you realize that you have a tampon in the bottom of your bag. Score! 

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Putting on sweatpants after wearing tight skinny jeans all day. 

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When you try something new and complicated with your hair or makeup and it comes out perfectly on the first try. 

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When a guy tells you you can’t do something sports-related as well as he can because you’re a girl… and then you beat him. Hah, sucker! 

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When it’s disgustingly hot outside and you find a ponytail holder and put your hair up. 

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That moment when you realize you really are over your ex. 

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When someone you like kisses your forehead. I don’t know why this is so amazing, but it is. 

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Getting your period when you’re sexually active if you’re a day or two late. 

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Washing your face before bed and taking all of your makeup off. Aaaaahhhh

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When someone else brushes or washes your hair. 

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Having a good skin day and not wearing makeup. 

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Putting on a sundress for the first time after winter is over. 

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When you cry and your mascara actually doesn’t run down your face. 

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Which of these feelings is your favorite? What good feelings did I miss? What do you think is the best feeling for a girl? Tell me in the comments

15 of the best feelings in the world when it comes to your crush

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  • LittleRedWolfGirl

    My favorite is the taking your bra off lol. Honestly if it weren’t for stupid societal expectations I wouldn’t wear one at all. I don’t wear much makeup, never wear dresses, and my hair’s super short so I don’t have to put it up, so I can’t really relate to those. I also NEVER worry about a late period, I always know it’s just my body being weird. That’s seriously an amazing feeling. I always feel kinda bad when I hear girls worrying about taking their pill, or always keeping track of their period. Not having to do all that is such a relief haha.
    That said, I do like trying slightly new styles with my hair, that is fun, and I love when I find something that really works.

    • Gicelle

      If it weren’t for stupid societal expectations, I wouldn’t even wear clothes!

      • kindlin

        Seriously! I would love to walk around basically naked if the weather allowed it. In place of that I wear light short dresses out as a guy. It’s really nice getting a breeze up around around my dress and the stares and compliments I get are nice too. I just hope someone spots my pretty lace panites.

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  • Shianne

    That feeling when you like a guy and you have that special moment with him when you are 100% sure he likes you back. I don’t know how to describe it but yeah haha.