Would You Rather: Embarrassing Moments

You know that moment when you’re in the middle of washing the dishes and you randomly remember that embarrassing thing you did  eight years ago out of nowhere and you just want to crawl into a little ball and die?

Yeah, we’ve all been there and it always sucks. But what if you had the choice to pick and choose your embarrassing moments? Well, now you do! Show us what you’d rather do in an embarrassing scenario in Would You Rather: Embarrassing Moments.



What moment makes you want to die of awkwardness when you remember it?  Is it worse to get embarrassed in front of strangers or people you’re close to? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. avatar NataMetalGrl says:

    I chose death because my Mom already thinks I’m a freak
    She doesn’t need to need to know more… >.>

  2. avatar Brofist says:

    My most embarrassing moments were when I was with my 2 guy friends. (I am a girl) Anyways, so I was talking to Lane and almost every time I blinked or looked back at him he was touching his crotch. And I was just trying to ignore it but then he would walk right up to me and do it while talking to me and I am like “Hehe…please leave me alone…” Then my friend Ethan who is really really nice to me was sitting on the bus with me and he would inch closer to me at every stop and one moment he purposely sat on me then when he sat down I noticed he had a boner. I was very creep’ed out, he never noticed so I would slide towards the window and all he did was get really close to me…Then my last embarrassing moment was when I almost got hit by a bus. Ethan noticed my mom was in her car ready to pick me up and I had a random urge to hug him tightly (and sadly I did) and he froze there staring at me. Then I ran in the front of a bus, almost getting hit then got in the car and my face was red. Ethan was still staring at me with a shocked look, he never talked about that day…

  3. avatar smiley person says:

    i was really tiered in the middle of maths class and i was sitting next to my former crush and i accidentally fell asleep, and whilst i was asleep i said his name i woke up to a bunch of my giggling friends. this was a few years ago i now go to an all girls school because my mum didn’t want me to be ‘distracted’ by boys

  4. avatar cassidy says:

    I was walking in the mall with my boyfriend erin when my ex and his ex were walking together and my ex got mad and it was a fight then i slipped and my ex punched me by accident (didnt look like it) and everyone was watching and the cops showed up and my ex got arrested for punching me so i went home that night and my parents called the cops on my bf because they thought he had beat me. What a night!

  5. avatar Danny says:

    I actually found my dad’s porn history once on my tablet…it was really disturbing ;-; And he also found some porn pics on my phone that I forgot to delete,he was cool with it though. .-.

  6. avatar Sooocooolforschool says:

    When I was little I first found out about porn I searched it up on the internet. My dad saw my history and I got in trouble!

  7. avatar Isabelle Delongpré says:

    Well I remember I was on Skype, flashing a guy and my mom walked in! That was very embarrassing and I got in trouble lol

  8. avatar laura says:

    lol wouldn’t it be better if the fanfics were just sent to ur dad? i mean, a teacher would tell ur
    parents anyway :D

  9. avatar random girl says:

    i actually found my dads porn once….ugh

  10. avatar Nittry says:

    Nooooo not my fanfiction !! x) Plus for the bra n’ panties thing, I chose bra, just because my boobs are pretty small, so nothing’ll happen, but no panties is VREY unhealthy and extreamly bad for your V place x) Oh and the porn stuff, My parents don’t watch porn, they’re pretty strict about nudity, they don’t even like girls wearing swimsuits, and I don’t watch porn too, so YAY ! But I still chose parent’s porn over mine, even if we don’t watch any x) Plus, for the history question, I chose internet history, because the only thing my parents’ don’t know about is my ask account, my facebook account and my youtube one, and when I inter to them, I’m always on Firefox private navigation x) Yeah, I’m a genius, I know :D Even RIGHT at this moment, I’m writing on private navigatin :D

  11. avatar Aria says:

    So I already found my parents porn when my family was moving. I didn’t know what to do with it so I just threw it out. Super Awkard!

  12. avatar Jennifer says:

    Once my skirt got caught in my knickers and i walked infront of loads of people showing my knickers,bum and leg awks!!

  13. avatar TotalEverything says:

    I chose internet history coz u can always delete it and bra because no one can see underneath my clothes even if they’re white and drenched!

  14. avatar miaaaa says:

    lol about the bra and panties thing, i chose panties because nobody would know if im not wearing panties, but if i wasn’t wearing a bra in that bad weather i would probably look like a whore LMFAO XD

  15. avatar gabby says:

    These need more questions

  16. avatar kay says:

    These are not as bad as some of the things that have happened to me…lol (:

  17. avatar Thea says:

    I chose “Internet history” just because I delete most of it, so they wouldn’t find anything. ;)

    • avatar christiana97 says:

      That’s how i thought about it but then i thought, for the sake of argument, what if i didnt delete it o.0

      i still chose internet history though lol

  18. avatar appresponse says:

    :P No, not my fanfiction!

  19. avatar catwhip says:

    love these!
    keep them coming :)

    • avatar anonymous says:

      I was at youth group one night and we were playing a game. My crush and I were on opposite teams that had to go head to head. My crush, Logan ,had to try to keep me from making a goal and I had to try to score with him guarding me. (Let me remind you that I am 4’9″ and he’s 5’3″) So I had gotten the ball and I was about to score and he grabbed my wrist and I looked at him and we were so close that I could see all the different colors that his eyes were. If we had been in a private area we probably would have kissed but we were in front of everyone so we slowly backed away and he gave mea friendly smile. The next Sunday I saw him he said hi and we both smiled at each other. Now I’m pretty sure he has a crush on me because I see him look at me and hold eye contact for a little bit the n drop his gaze. I know this was supposed to be embarrassing moments but I need advice on what I should do since I do like him.

      • avatar Whyhelllooo says:

        So you have to drop little hints all the Time (unless u just want to outright tell him) maybe hold eye contact longer laugh a little louder when he makes a joke just be really flirty maybe hold a door open for him get him a drink or snack too find common interests also to see if he likes you maybe mention a guys name or something if he asks about it or shows any sign of jealousy he prob likes you and ask a friend sometimes they notice things too or if any of his friends tease him about his crush that have any details relating too u

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