Your Complete Guide To Getting A Tattoo

Think about what you want

This image is going to be on your body forever. Forget that tattoo removal even exists because that is super expensive and super painful. You need to really think about what you want. Print out pictures for inspiration. Do you really want that cartoon character for life? Maybe, but you might not like it after a while.

I have one that I got for a friend that passed away and another that’s a good luck charm. I believe that you should get whatever you want, but just make sure you’re really okay with it. If you’re unsure about it, I recommend getting a temporary tattoo version made and wear it around to see how you feel.

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  • Roselove445

    I’ve had my tattoo decided on since I was 14. The tattoo artist that I had did a fantastic job on my mom and sister a couple of times so I knew he was great. In the end it hurt (a lot) but it was a smaller one with no color so it didn’t take much time or money (though by not much I mean 100 bucks). My friends were suprised by it because besides tattoos and concerts my mom is super strict and I don’t go to the kinda school were there are a lot of tattooed kids but in the end I was really happy. Two months later my entire family (my mom, my two sisters and I) all got a family tattoo and that was really great. Oh and by the way my tattoo was a music heart (because music is really important to me and my family) which was made out of a treble clef and a bass clef

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