10 Ways To Be A Bathing Suit Babe

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  • Miya ^_^

    LoL o.O

    IM a bed potato always sleeping, eating or bonding with Mr.Laptop. Im not really the average bathing suit babe. Or tanning lover, actually the Sun and I don’t make a good pair TBH. I prefer a sexy one piece rather than an exposed whorey 2-piece trying to show my ass to guys that might not even look my way. I am satisfied with my body but seriously girls where is your self confidence. DId it get lost while you were taking a jog in the park.

    This was helpful but all of this is literally common sense procedures we as amazing females should already know!

    LOve YoUr SeLf!


  • Michelle

    While this is inspirational, I feel it’s very misleading 🙁 I’d much rather work out or something in the months before summer.

  • breee

    I do actually workout cuz I lov my body so

  • Shan Dale

    lol yea right, i prefer work out and then wear a bikini. Just kidding lol