Disney Princess Dating Advice: 10 Tips You Can Learn From Mulan

Mulan was always one of my favorite Disney Princesses because she was so tough and really did exactly what she wanted to. She also loved her family so much that she essentially sacrificed herself for her dad. I really admired that about her.

Even though she pretends to be a guy throughout the whole movie, (which I don’t recommend to get the guy) she eventually comes clean and everything turns out just fine. But Mulan doesn’t want to be just some trophy girl. She wants to do things and make a difference. Don’t we all?!
Click through below to learn some important dating lessons from Mulan!

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  • ZoZo

    I’m sorry, but isn’t the point of the whole Mulan movie that you shouldn’t have to be a girly-girl? That what’s impressive is your heart? And the whole dress up thing was kind of frivolous? I mean, I see nothing wrong with the lesson, but it doesn’t exactly fit with the Mulan theme, does it?