8 Places Where You Should NOT Have Sex

Here at Gurl, we’re really supportive when it comes to being comfortable about sex. We like to talk about it and make sure you’re totally informed. And we’re totally cool with you spicing up your sex life!

My friend was telling me a particularly detailed story about having sex in her parents’ kitchen. Ew, right? I’m super open about sex, but I was not high-fiving her on this one. I just think there are some places that shouldn’t involve people getting their freak on.

I started thinking about inappropriate places people have sex in and thought it’d be a good guideline just in case you’re getting a little too adventurous with your partner. Check out these places where you shouldn’t be getting busy!

Have you had sex or hooked up in any of these places? Did you get caught? Are there any places you’d add to the list? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Grace

    My boyfriend is a car dealer,so he hs his own carages office nd a house ofcoz.our 1st tym ws in his office,it wsnt reali comfotable bt wat cn i say these thing hapen.js da day i went t c him,things started t get hot,i excused myself as i had t use da bathroom.wen i got bek he called me frm a nearby room,da room ws filthy,tools nd evrything nd der ws a a dirty bed too.i refused t sleep wt him,told him dat he was undermining me wantin t sleep wt me in such dirty room,he freakd out,shouting nd screaming,he ws very angry.guys was i being unreasonable.cz nw im feeling very bad

  • Justin

    Well, we know where the boring girls frequent.

  • appresponse

    Can we add “the dressing room at the Goodwill”? That scarred me for life.

  • ashley

    I don’t know how many times I was walking through the park and under a tree, two people (sometimes three!) butt naked having sex!

  • Awkward driver

    Another no no. In the back of your friends car while said friend is driving. Um, been there. No matter how dark the road and how loud the music. They know.

  • Scuzz

    I feel like you named everywhere that isn’t your own bedroom that is isn’t very open when it comes to sex haha. The only places I would probably say no too are like work and school (which you didn’t even include) because of the chance of loosing your job or being kicked out or otherwise in trouble at school. Sure you can get in legal trouble at other places but as long as you make sure it is somewhat secluded than so what haha.

  • maddie

    honestly, the thrill of having sex somewhere where its not totally private is nice, but as long as its not where youre obviously going to have people see you. i’ve seen a couple having sex behing a tree by an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. ugh okay, just no.

    • Viki

      Are you serious

  • sparkle

    here’s another one: school. ugh. just NO!

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  • Jillian

    I’ve walked in on people having sex in a public bathroom…it was not a pleasant experience, for any of the parties involved.