Gurl Horoscopes June 2013


June is breezy social month that will be perfect for getting out and meeting people. Conversation with be exciting. You are going to be even more charming than usual this month, so use it wisely. Is there a project you need to start? Little visits and short trips will bring freshness your life right now. This is a beautiful time of year, which is very pleasing to your Libra need for beauty. Life is full of opportunities now, so get yourself out there and mingle. Who knows, you may meet the love of your life or a lifelong friend.

Movie Match: Legally Blonde because of the scales of justice

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  • Curiousitydoesntkill

    OMG mine leaves in July …………. I should write to him too… I’ve been told twice already for the month to write something… its a sign

  • MagneticPudding

    This horoscope actually applies alot to my month, haha. My boyfriend is off to Basic in a couple days and I promised to write him a letter twice a week at least, so I better be in the mood to write this month C: