Gurl Horoscopes June 2013


Your mind is on fire this month. The sun is activating your ruling planet, clever Mercury. This mental activity comes naturally to you. You have the ability to do incredible detail work in a super fast manner. June is great for all kinds of communication. Put yourself out there. Gently say what needs saying. This is also a great month to start writing, another natural talent of yours. Any kind of writing will be very rewarding to you so get going on it. Spring is great for doing all kinds of cleaning. De-clutter your favorite spaces for a fresh start.

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  • Curiousitydoesntkill

    OMG mine leaves in July …………. I should write to him too… I’ve been told twice already for the month to write something… its a sign

  • MagneticPudding

    This horoscope actually applies alot to my month, haha. My boyfriend is off to Basic in a couple days and I promised to write him a letter twice a week at least, so I better be in the mood to write this month C: