Gurl Horoscopes June 2013


June is good for you. The refreshing energy of spring brings you out of your shell. You will find socializing more enjoyable. Little trips to your favorite places will bring new life to you. If you need to communicate an idea or new concept, June is a wonderful time for it. Use this last month of spring to clean things up in body, mind and soul. Any attention you give to your surroundings will be great for your sense of comfort and belonging. Find a project to get behind. You are a born leader, happiest when in control so invest your energy wisely.

Movie Match: Despicable Me, because the Moon rules your sign

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  • Curiousitydoesntkill

    OMG mine leaves in July …………. I should write to him too… I’ve been told twice already for the month to write something… its a sign

  • MagneticPudding

    This horoscope actually applies alot to my month, haha. My boyfriend is off to Basic in a couple days and I promised to write him a letter twice a week at least, so I better be in the mood to write this month C: