Gurl Horoscopes June 2013


This is your month. As the Sun travels through your sign it energizes and uplifts you. If you have something to say, now is the time to say it. Any form of communication is highly favored this month. You will be pleased with all your little adventures this month. Life gets even more interesting. You have been gifted with a fast mind and clever perception. Remember, there is always another layer, you can always go a little deeper into things. You are like a butterfly dear Gemini taking great pleasure short little visits to various ideas. Share what you know.

Movie Match: The Parent Trap, the classic twin movie

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  • Curiousitydoesntkill

    OMG mine leaves in July …………. I should write to him too… I’ve been told twice already for the month to write something… its a sign

  • MagneticPudding

    This horoscope actually applies alot to my month, haha. My boyfriend is off to Basic in a couple days and I promised to write him a letter twice a week at least, so I better be in the mood to write this month C: