Gurl Horoscopes June 2013


Dear Pisces things are hectic for you this month. Try to fit in lots of naps so you can keep up with the quick pace you are going to be keeping this month. If you have a story to tell, please do whether you speak or write it out. You have a brilliant imagination so create. And keep creating from now until forever. You are born with inner vision and a keen sense of other worlds. Tune in and share your perceptions through art. If you feel confused, breathe and shift your focus. Things will be clear when the time is right. Trust.

Movie Match: Finding Nemo for your fish sign and when you’re feeling lost

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  • Curiousitydoesntkill

    OMG mine leaves in July …………. I should write to him too… I’ve been told twice already for the month to write something… its a sign

  • MagneticPudding

    This horoscope actually applies alot to my month, haha. My boyfriend is off to Basic in a couple days and I promised to write him a letter twice a week at least, so I better be in the mood to write this month C: