What It Really Feels Like To Have A Crush On Your Teacher, In GIFs

Teachers can fall into three categories: the ones that make you want to pull your hair out, the ones you don’t care about at all and then the ones that are so attractive they make focusing in class even more difficult than it already was. If you’ve ever had a crush on a teacher, then you know exactly how difficult it is.

I mean, how are you supposed to sit in class like everything is fine when everything is NOT fine? How are you supposed to act like nothing is going on when secretly you’re head over heels in love with your teacher?! Crushing on a teacher isn’t always fun – sometimes it just kind of stinks. Here’s exactly what it’s really like, explained in GIFs:


You walk into a new class, all miserable, thinking about how much you can’t wait to go home.

school gif

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It’s just like… 

nina dobrev gif

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Then… you see your teacher. And he is hot

beauty and the beast shocked gif

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It’s basically love at first sight. 

aria pretty little liars gif

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Then he starts talking – he’s funny, he’s cool and he’s nice. What more could you want?

crazy gif

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When he smiles at you, it’s like… 

in love gif

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Over the next few weeks, you develop the biggest crush EVER on him. 

amanda bynes gif

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Class doesn’t seem so bad after all. In fact, you’re actually looking forward to school. Who are you?! 


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Your friends are all like: 

tina fey gif

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But you’re not joking – your feelings feel real.

aria pretty little liars gif

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You start participating in class all the time just to impress him.

mean girls gif

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You constantly zone out staring at him and then embarrass yourself.

what gif

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Sorry, you were daydreaming about this happening: 

the carrie diaries gif

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Oh, extra credit work after class? Sure, no problem!

clueless gif

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Whenever he talks to you, you just want to be like: 

jenna marbles gif

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In fact, you like your teacher so much, you can’t even focus on the dudes your own age.

emma stone gif

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Should you tell him?

confused gif

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Should you make a move?

no gif

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One day, his girlfriend stops by to drop something off and it’s like… 

lizzie mcguire gif

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You wish you could stop crushing on this dude. 

miserable gif

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But you can’t!!!!

leonardo dicaprio gif

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In the end, it’s just like…. HELP 

crying gif

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Have you ever had a crush on your teacher? Do you have a crush on a teacher right now? What is it like? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Amilia Damian

    I am in love with my band director. He is fairly tall, has ginger hair, has a spunky attitude, and is downright gorgeous. He’s 33, but he looks like he’s in his mid 20’s. He calls himself weird and strange, and he thinks his voice sounds awful and apologizes for us having to listen to it everyday. He doesn’t even know that his voice is like honey to me. He calls himself a smexy red-head, and I can’t say he’s wrong. And lastly, to shoot me down, he is married, has been for like 13 years, and he has two sons. yaaaaaay…..

  • Skatergirl11

    I have the biggest crush on my English teacher. He is 25 and has these beautiful eyes and bulging muscles. He always comes up directly next to me and asks how I’m doing and pretty much ignores everyone else. He swears all the time and tells jokes and acts like we’re all his buddies instead of his students. I love him so godamn much

  • Edith

    I have a total crush on my world history teacher and he’s only 24!!! But he’s married and probably not even interested in me anyway. Mannnm…. the tears are rolling down my cheeks:'(

  • taslyn

    when you try to get over him its like he knows so he does all this sexy shit and talks to you and stares at you so sexily and wow then when you like him again then thats all over

    • Katerinehhhh

      Yeah! Exactly! Argh… I just hate it! Why does he have to be so cool and sexy? Argh!²

  • taslyn

    at first its amazing cause hes so sexy and shit then you hear about his gf and its like noooo kill me now ….thrn you try to get over him but when he stares at you in class wow …hes so fucking gorgeous!!!

  • angelvy07

    There’s a teacher who I don’t have, but he’s at my school, and all the other girls would agree, he’s so good looking and he’s only 22-23

  • emily

    I know how this exactly feels like , i have this massive crush on my maths teacher i cant stop thinking about him , he very very handsome and attractive and i desire him badly. he used to be a former male-model !! Our relationship is normal but everyone feels that im totally into him and that i admire him , i think he knows this !!!! I don’t wanna make something that will make me look like an fool because he is way too older than me and he has a son !!!
    Everything about him his appearance his personality his beliefs , is making me go crazy and i cant help falling for him !!

  • totally in love

    My maths teacher is drop dead gorgeous. He is 22 yrrs older than me but I am so in love with him. Yes and I lost my virginity to him. He’s got a transfer to another school so we could continue seeing each other. I go to his place a lot and the sex is awesum. I dont care what people say about such relationships. I needed this and it is the best thing I have experienced. A year has passed so quick and the feelings are still very strong. I know he likes me because I am young but I am not worried in the least. I too have the hots for him and there is something about him that drives me crazy. I have never felt this way

  • Amy

    Seriously?!!! That’s like the story of my life… I mean EXACTLY!

    • Amy

      He’s not exactly my teacher… He’s the athletics director at my school and he’s single! And he’s 22!!:(:(

  • Gabby

    I have the biggest crush on my history teacher… He has the most beautiful eyes and personality and he’s just UGH so amazing! He’s everything I could want… But I’m 20 years younger than him… It kills…

  • BethReanne_

    My school is trying to make us all enjoy school more, I’m not even joking! At the end of last year, they got rid of all the old annoying teachers and replaced them with…..wait for it…..7 male teachers who are in their early 20’s and are F-ING DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! I am enjoying school so much, and I’m not talking about algebra..
    Especially my Maths teacher though omg! I’m just there like ‘You + Me + Bed – Clothes / Legs = HEAVEN!

  • Talya

    Cant stop thinking about my teacher D::::

  • T

    Solo I had a crush on my coach for the longest time, he made me horny. He was Tall, Very Buff, he had a Vin Diesel type body. ^_^ my type EXACTLY! I like kind of assertive forceful guys & every time he’d make me me do pushups I’d get excited & say yes sir & look at him the whole time! I went to my aunts house to eat Sunday dinner once & he was there. I found out he’s good friends with my aunt & I was super happy! So I went to my grandmas the next Sunday & guess who was there.? My coach. (He always wore tight shirts that defined his muscles). Whenever my aunt went into the kitchen he’d flirt with me & I’d flirt harder. After I graduated highschool things escalated && we had a summer fling! (Best sex of life) the end

  • Melody

    It took me a long time to realize it, but yeah. I had a huge crush on my teacher. It was more than that, he legitimately made me horny. Of course, this was before I knew what being horny was. And he wasn’t like young or particularly hot, so I was really confused. But then I thought about how we interacted with each other, and our body language, and… I don’t think either of us meant too, but we were full on flirting the entire year. He wasn’t creepy or anything, he was a legitimately amazing person. I don’t think I’ve ever respected anyone more.
    Well, he’s married and has a daughter now. I never really thought anything would happen, it was just surprising that my first time dealing with this was with someone who was a little less than twice my age.

  • Chelsea

    Omg this is like totally me.. I have a crush on my woodshop teacher and i have never had him as a teacher but hes had my brother. Freshman year, i went to his classroom with couple of my friends and me and one friend left and my other fried was still there talking to him. So my friend comes out and tells me that the teacher thought i had big boobs witch was kinda weird lol. But in a junior now, and i still kinda talk to him in the hallway like “Hey. How have you been?” kinda thing. And my brother added him on my facebook when i wasnt looking and i accidentally poked him one time so we had a poke war i guess, and he messaged me and said “stop poking me im getting ticklish haha!” so we talked for a little then my friend went on my fb and messaged him and said “i know this is wrong but i think you cute… ” and he messaged back saying” Thanks CA, I appreciate the warm thoughts 😉 It’s not wrong to admire someone 😉 I think it’s quite nice actually.” so it got kinda weird again.. and now when i see him we like wave to each other and i think its kinda awkward but i dont think he does..

  • Samantha

    Right now Im a freshman in high school and I have a crush on my band director. He’s 29. He’s funny, nice,smart,and good looking and it makes me wonder why he’s single! Some of my friends in band with me obviously dont see what I see, because I often catch some of them talking bad about him when he’s not around, which makes me angry and I defend him, which they think is wierd. Yeah, so he is a little strict and short-tempered sometimes, but he only does it if someone is doing something wrong on purpose, I tell them, but he’s a great guy once you get to know him. So far, I havent revealed my secret to him or anyone I know and I plan not to until I graduate, but let me tell you, Its hard keeping it in, and he makes it hard without even trying, with his funny sense of humor and his warm smile 🙂

    • Lizzy

      I have a crush on my band director too! And i’m about to be a sophomore. But he’s married. -_- I know I wouldn’t have a chance with him anyway, but I just can’t seem to stop thinking about him! He’s cute, smart, funny, and I love just talking to him. The majority of the class talks bad about him too, but its only because they’re always getting in trouble. He’s a really good guy. I’ll never let him know I like him though, obviously because he’s married with a kid, and I’d be too scared. I really wish I could just get over him, but I’m always thinking about him.

  • Someone

    OMG!! Did you read my diary or something?!

  • ThatGirl

    I had a crush on my AP Chem teacher my senior year; he was 28. I was that chick who spent all my time in his room when I didn’t have other (important) classes. He took care of me when I wasn’t doing well emotionally, and gave me confidence. But everything stayed straight during the school year, he didn’t touch me, didn’t make any inappropriate comments (well just one). He played the whole “you’re like my little sister” thing when he had to. When I graduated though it came out that was just a cover and he liked me too. We went on a few date kind of excursions during the summer, but in the end it didn’t go anywhere that way. He had met a girl in February and proposed to her in August. We still keep in touch though and are good friends. (And for the record he graded me fair, he graded assignments page by page not knowing who was getting what ever. I don’t think he ever learned my hand writing)

    Long story short if you are still in school it needs to stay school appropriate, for the teacher’s sake. The only reason I went for it is because I graduated and he gave up teaching for a different chemistry profession at the end of the year. Don’t tempt a teacher who can’t follow through. I know in the end it’s their decision for their actions if they get a license taken away, but you don’t need to make it hard. And if they don’t feel the same way and aren’t tempted it’d be maddd awkward for you. But if you are graduating, go for it, it could be fun 😉 and if not you never have to see them again. (also please note if you are of legal age of consent that matters too)

  • ZoZo

    where does the “daydreaming about this happening” one come from? It looks so familiar.

    • Emma

      It looks like the Carrie Diaries, maybe?

  • hgkjbhvkbj

    Yep, that’s definitely me.