Your Birth Control Might Affect Who You’re Dating

There are so many contradicting studies about how birth control makes you act that it’s getting hard to keep track of them all. This latest to catch my eye is one arguing that the pill may affect who you date.

According to Daily Mail, “Research suggests that taking the contraceptive pill makes women less competitive with each other, meaning they are less likely to fight to keep their ideal man.” Um. What? I don’t even. Okay, science.

Apparently, The University of Groningen in the Netherlands surveyed women between 20 and 31 by asking questions about intra-sexual competition. So basically they asked if they were threatened by other women or not. They found that “women in a relationship were less competitive when they were on the Pill, making them less likely to fight to keep their partner if another woman comes along to turn his head.”

They believe that this is because the pill suppresses testosterone, which encourages rivalry. Fertility expert Dr. Allan Pacey from Sheffield University says, “I don’t think there’s sufficient evidence for doctors to start issuing a health warning to women,” and thinks the study needs more research.

I don’t think there needs to be more time wasted on this research. Maybe it’s just me, but I was probably more competitive when I was on the pill. And in my relationships I wasn’t just like “Oh well, this guy will do.” Not to mention, if another woman came around “to turn his head,” I would definitely fight to keep my man.

Am I totally outside the norm on this one? Are women on the pill just giving up their boyfriends because he looks at someone else? Are women just getting married to some guy because they’re not fighting for what they really want?

I don’t think this study really has any scientific basis. Obviously, everyone reacts differently to birth control. And there are so many different types of birth control pills so really, I think it’s impossible to make a sweeping generalization.

Do you think birth control makes you less competitive with other women? Do you think it makes you settle? Tell us in the comments!

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