20 TV Shows From The ’90s That You Probably Forgot About

I love ’90s television, but whenever I think about the shows I grew up watching, my brain usually automatically goes to Doug, Hey Arnold, Rugrats and Daria. That’s probably because those shows were obviously some of the most popular and beloved cartoons of the ’90s, but there are of course some other amazing shows that were around in the 1990s that I tend to forget about. 

Assuming I’m not alone in this, I put together a list of 20 TV shows from the ’90s (and, yes, some from the early 2000’s) that probably aren’t the first things that pop into your mind when you think of old-school ’90s television. Check ’em out below:



Not only were the Animaniacs adorable to watch, but they were also super entertaining and delightful. I would probably watch this even if it were on now.


Lamb Chop’s Play Along

A few years ago, back when VHS tapes were still a thing, I popped in an old one to watch something and discovered that it was a tape my dad had used to record this show when I was little. It was a very, very happy day.


Gullah Gullah Island

Oh, man. I don’t care that this was for pre-schoolers. I freakin’ loved this show. And I miss the theme song very much.


The Magic School Bus

For those who never knew, The Magic School Bus was a book series before it was a TV show. Obviously I read the books and was thrilled when the show started. Also, this guy looks like the kid from Recess.


Ed, Edd & Eddy

This show was actually on the air for a very good amount of the early 2000’s, but it still counts because it started in the ’90s and new episodes aren’t made any more. Truth be told, I never watched Ed, Edd and Eddy, but my brother did. I’m actually afraid of most cartoons, including this creepy one.


Eureeka’s Castle

Aw, look how cute and creepy these puppets are. This show is SO late ’80s/early ’90s. It’s amazing.



This was one of those Disney shows where they took characters from beloved Disney movies and gave them their own little “spin-offs.” In this case, The Jungle Book. This was another show that I was forced to watch because my brother did.



I’m going to be honest with you guys… I hated this show. Like, I was terrified of it. I’m afraid of creepy cartoons like this! I can’t help it! My brother and sister were obsessed with CatDog, so it was always on, but… ugh. I put it in here for all you CatDog lovers though, so appreciate it.


What Would You Do?

I don’t know how this game show ended up on Nickelodeon (actually, I sort of do, because Nick had a thing for game shows), but the best thing about it is obviously seeing all of the crazy ’90s fashion. Also, the amazing theme song.


Hey Dude

I remember watching this show only every once in a while, because I was really young when it aired, but judging from these inappropriate moments, maybe I should have watched it more often…


Aaah!!! Real Monsters

This show was sort of like Nickelodeon’s ’90s version of Monsters, Inc? Maybe? All I know is that it was seriously great.


The Angry Beavers

Who knew a show about beavers could be so entertaining?



I feel like KaBlam! is sort of like Nickelodeon’s kid-friendly version of Robot Chicken, but before Robot Chicken was a thing, you know? Also, KaBlam! was AWESOME and needs to come back on TV.


Bananas In Pajamas

This is getting seriously young, but I watched it with the kids I babysat okay, so don’t judge me. It wasn’t until now that I realized how creepy this show is – it’s about giant bananas in clothes.



ARTHUR. I was a serious book nerd as a kid (who am I kidding, I still am) and so I loved this show. Excuse me while I watch episodes on YouTube.


PB&J Otter

I was in middle school when this show came out and I’m pretty sure it’s for preschoolers, but I watched it anyway because the characters were really cute. Otters!



This show is SO young and also it went into the 2000’s, but come on – try and tell me you didn’t enjoy Franklin. I dare you.


Dexter’s Laboratory

This show creeped me out to no end but, again, I was forced to watch because siblings. I guess it wasn’t too horrible.



If this wasn’t one of your favorite shows when you were a kid… you were doing things wrong. This is why I now am obsessed with elephants.


Goof Troop

I watched this because obviously I had a crush on Max. Just… don’t ask. And don’t pretend you didn’t either.


Which of these shows was your favorite? What did you forget about? What did I miss? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Marcy

    Are you afraid of the dark!!!

  • Yaya

    The little bits
    Wonder years
    Tiny toon adventures
    Sweet valley high
    I mean list goes on lol

  • Cupcake

    I still have the wishbone interactive cd ):
    Is it sad I remember everything everyone is throwing out?

  • Bubbles

    If you forgot about any of these shows, than you weren’t a real 90’s kid. Just sayin’. I loved a lot of these shows more than the one’s “people usually remember”.

  • Scott

    Are you afraid of the dark
    Kenan and Kel show
    Rocco’s modern life
    Legends of the hidden temple
    Salute your shorts

    • ricki m.

      scott….you’re amazing!

      All That
      pete and pete
      clarissa explains it all
      the secret world of alex mac
      2 stupid dogs

    • Allison

      Awwww yeeeaahh! Legends of the Hidden Temple was the best dude!

  • Emma

    Anamaniacs and Dexter were the most sexual-innuendo fuelled kids shows, like, of all time.

  • Anthony

    Those shows are all awesome. Anyone remember Candle Cove?

  • jorge o

    wtf is blues clues

  • antreas

    what about Dragon ball Z??? it was\is the BEST cartoon!

  • Gloria

    WOW memories, I Bananas in Pajamas was kinda a little creepy but I enjoyed watching, I loved Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Babar, Gargoyles, Goof Troop (HILLIARIAS), Dexter’s Lab, Arthur, KaBlam(That was awesomeness), Franklin, Angry Beavers, Rein and Stimpy (Grossed me out sometimes), Talespin, Aah! Real Monsters but my favorite tv show for kids (well probably say teens maybe?) Mighty MORPHIN POWER RANGERS(90’s)

  • Sarah

    I SO HAD A CRUSH ON MAX!!!!! I THOUGHT I WAS WEIRD! hahahah that made my day.
    also, I love these shows so freakin much. especially Ed, Edd and Eddy. Double D is my man!

  • Caitlin

    I remember Wishbone! I watched almost all of these shows but does anybody remember Allegra’s Window?! I’ve come across only ONE person who remembers this show! And what about The Secret World of Alex Mack, The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo, The Big Comfy Couch, Double Dare, and Supermarket Sweep?!?!?!

  • Herp

    Omfg, The magic school bus <333 I used to watch that when I was little along with the shows Arthur and Franklin.

  • chris

    i am so old i remember these shows

  • Faith

    I remember whenever i went on a field trip in elementary school that i would always think we would get on the magic school bus, and i was very disappointed when we didn’t…

  • Julian

    Loved a lot of these.
    Never saw Babar, Banas in Pajamas, Hey Dude, What Would You do?, Eureka, School Bus, Gullah Gullah and Lamb Chop. I’m glad I focused on the other shows, though, way better.
    Loved Animaniacs and the Eds.

  • Emily

    Omg! I loved Animaniacs, Gullah Gullah Island, Franklin, and Arthur and the majority of the ones you listed. I think the only one I never watched was Bananas in Pajamas but even as a six year old (or however old I was) that show freaked me out LOL!

  • nikki

    I watched all of these, except bananas in pajamas;never heard of it. I also watched David the Gnome, the Little Bits, Shining Time Station, The Gummy Bears, Darkwing Duck(sp?), The Muppet Babies, and so many more! These were the shows that made sense to me as a child if had seen Teletubies I would have had nightmares..lol.

  • Morgan

    Memories! I’ve heard people say they were freaked out by Catdog, but I just don’t get it! I loved it! Some forget about Pinky & The Brain, or Gargoyles! <3 Oh and if you have the channel The Hub, they still play Animaniacs. 🙂

  • Jillian

    Arthur and Franklin were 2 of my most absolute favorites as a kid! And I had the books, too.

    Anyone remember the show “Wishbone?”

    • megan

      I loved wishbone!