What Your Selfie Pictures Say About You

It’s official: selfies have taken over the Internet. With the popularity of social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, are you really that surprised? These are the perfect platforms for showing off pictures that we take of ourselves… and it doesn’t seem like the selfie is going anywhere anytime soon, no matter how much it might annoy you.

So, what does your selfie picture say about you? While I don’t think you can ever judge someone entirely on pictures they take of themselves, I do think you can tell kind of a lot about a person based on their selfie style. And to show you guys that, I used real selfie pictures as examples of what your pictures say about you. I took selfies from our very own Gurl staffers (myself, Caitlin and Ashley), along with some celebs who are known for loving a good selfie.

Also, we want to see your selfie style! Follow us on Instagram (gurldotcom!) and tag us in your selfie using the hashtag #gurlselfie. We’ll repost our favorites! 

What’s your favorite selfie style? Do you think these are accurate? Do you love or hate selfies? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Johnb874

    This design is incredible! You obviously know how to keep a reader amused. fgkbeegkeafg

  • irene

    Basically, the only right selfies are yours, because the ones taken from your instagram are almost the only ones that have any positive trait in the description. ‘You love attention, you’re not original, you’re an emo, you want us to ask, you’re toooo creatiiive for thaaat and you have to prove it’ etc. Is that so? what a waste of time. I miss the old days when gurl was more interesting and positive….. Nowadays is 99% garbage.

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  • Rachel

    That’s not true, you should never post your naked pictures online —- not even half-naked (for gurls) You will be slut-shamed.

    • El

      What if someone doesn’t post naked pictures of themselves online, but someone else does of that person and the person doesn’t find out about it until after the fact, do you still think those people should be slut-shamed?!

  • Alisha

    There was no ‘normal’ selfie like just smiling

  • Nia

    BOO at Number 12. Maybe a naked selfie means “I’m confident and I love my nude body. My body isn’t meant to be oversexualized and it is all mine. It’s just another part of me that I like to share.”?

    • Jessica Booth

      Just a joke! I’m talking about full-on naked pictures, which obviously should never be on social media. 🙂

      • callie

        plenty of people ok it seriously. and personally, this whole thing pissed me off, we need to get over it.. selfies are selfies. get over it. people will take selfies. selfies are usually meant to show your personality and look good… and people can post whatever they want… I don’t particularly like the “just a joke” reason. it never qualifies. people “joke” about rape all the time and that’s never okay… I would appreciate if I never saw a post like this on a supposed “feminist” website.

        • Jessica Booth

          I apologize if you took it seriously, but it was clearly a joke – I am making fun of my own pictures here. Also, this isn’t just a website about feminism. We’re all feminists but that doesn’t mean it has to be the only thing we write about. This is in no way anti-feminism or sexist. I’m not making fun of women. It’s just an article where we’re joking around and doesn’t need to be taken so seriously. I don’t know where the word rape came from since I’m joking about selfies here – so that’s a bit of a stretch to compare the two.