Your Snapchat Photos Are Getting Leaked!

Your worst nightmare has just come true: Snapchat photos are being leaked to a website called Now, we all know that Snapchat isn’t exclusively used to send sexy photos. My friends and I send all kinds of silly things to each other. But there are people who use it to sext because the pictures disappear. Or so we all thought.

Basically, Snapchatleaked allows users to upload screenshots of Snapchat photos or recovered photos. The idea behind Snapchat is that you can safely send photos to friends that are deleted after a maximum of ten seconds. When someone tries to screenshot your Snapchat, it alerts you who did it so you can avoid sending them photos in the future.

This whole situation brings into question the security factor of Snapchat. Alerting a person that someone took a screenshot of their picture doesn’t really do anything. They don’t get kicked off Snapchat or warned or anything. And your photos aren’t actually deleted after they disappear as this security firm discovered.

In just 24-hours, the Snapchatleaked Facebook page had gotten over 500,000 “likes” but was shut down because it violated Facebook’s terms and conditions. A spokesperson for Snapchatleaked told Metro that “All images are user submitted, if the person asks to take them down we do. Most see it as fun and getting ‘Facebook famous’.” However, even though the screenshots are user submitted, it doesn’t mean that the subject of the photos gave permission, which is a big deal.

This is exactly why I’ve been wary of Snapchat from the beginning. They say the pictures get deleted, but they don’t. The ability to screenshot photos shouldn’t be an option if this is supposed to be a safe way to send pictures (nude or not) to friends.

Snapchat has not responded to comment, but I certainly hope this gets them to reconsider their policies.

What do you think about this new website? Are you worried about your Snapchats getting leaked? Tell us in the comments!

And while we’re at it, Facebook needs to review their policies as well

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  • Lolkayy

    Honestly… I sext my boyfriend on snapchat and that is so scary to think I could be seen. I don’t think I’ll sext ever again. I thought snapchat was safe

  • Lea

    I use snapchat with my friends all the time to send funny pics and I would hate for those to be seen lol btw I took a screenshot of my friend on snapchat and it never alerted her…

    • Rhea

      I know on a friend’s unlocked phone he can screenshot secretly and there isn’t a time limit on the pictures as long as he stays on the app that might be what happened?