10 Ways Not To Suck At Driving

As a Los Angeles native, I know a thing or two about driving. With public transport that leaves a lot to be desired, cars were my primary form of transport. On bustling freeways and narrow side streets I’ve really seen it all when it comes to wacky driving: Road rage, car accidents, horrible dancing, even more horrible singing, etc. You name it, I’ve probably seen it.

Lately when I glanced at my fellow drivers, however, they’re usually on their cell phones. It’s against the law to talk or text on the phone while driving in California (and a number of other states), but people do it anyway. While their distraction allows me to cut in front of them without much hassle, it is still scary to be around drivers who are so careless about their surroundings! Since we want all of our readers to be safe and awesome drivers, Gurl has teamed up with DoSomething.org to give you a list of 10 ways not to suck at driving.

Do you text and drive? What are your driving do’s and don’ts? Tell us in the comments!


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