10 Crazy & Interesting Facts About Masturbation

We write about masturbation a lot here at Gurl. But while we’ve written posts about our favorite masturbation scenes, reasons why you should masturbate more and how some girls are afraid to masturbate, we’ve never actually shown you guys a bunch of facts about masturbation. And, believe me, there are more than you would think.

You may think of masturbation as just a way to feel good or waste time when you’re bored, but it’s more than that. Masturbating actually comes with some pretty sweet health benefits, as well as some other awesome benefits. Want to know more about everyone’s favorite pastime? Read on to check out these 10 crazy and interesting facts about masturbation: 

Did you know any of these facts already? Why do you love masturbation? What other facts do you want to know? What did I miss? Tell me in the comments!


8 crazy & interesting facts about your vagina

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  1. avatarCookie says:

    Man I masturbate in the shower Ihold my flaps back and put the water on hard and let hit nub and I think about getting out by my teacher and sometome I watch porn as well

  2. avatarMargarito says:

    Howdy! This article couldn’t be written any better! Looking at this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept preaching about this. I am going to send this information to him. Fairly certain he’ll have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

  3. avatarDito says:

    well…I first masturbate when I turned 15 years old. It was after I watched a hentai anime called ” Yosuga no Sora”. I did it at late night. Just after watching the erotic scenes, I couldn’t get myself to sleep, my lustful minds reached its peak and was harassing me. Then I gave up and did the “masturbation” by re-watching the erotic scenes. At first I was extremely nervous, but when “it” came out, I felt like I was reborn! My mind was cleared from the lust and I was able to get to sleep again…

    thats my story

    • avatarNigga says:

      Youga no Sora is not an Hentai, its a anime with allot of sex scenes but they dont show the dick\pussy so its dosent count as hentai -__-
      *Fake birthdate

  4. avatarAmr says:

    they say mastubation is good for health ?
    in what way ?
    i use to believe before that masturbating re generates the sperms in your testicles
    then why do u have wet dreams for ?
    see, everything is natural so let it be natural..

  5. avatarAmr says:

    all the facts are wrong
    for example ; when you smoke after being stressed out .. you feel good for a while .. but the real effect of it is shows up later
    one more example ; like paracitamol – it reliefs when you have it to get rid of headache .. but later on when you have headache and you cant find a dose – you go crazy ( basically the side effects )
    Now masturbation causes bad shape of your penis – you cum fast when u have sex – your sexual hunger dies and that takes time for you to have erection before sex
    you all say it makes you sleep after masturbating = its all crap
    it makes you sleep because you get weakened or poweless , more like a loser – its like some one is beating you up to rape you and you surrender to give your ass :P
    and masturbation without porn makes so much of brain use when u try to bring up those sex thoughts – basically your brain gets f**ked too
    those who masturbate probably to lazy to find partners and later when you find a partner its gonna be too late .. so work on it from now

  6. avatarAlex says:

    Masterbating 2 to 3 times a month is gud but above that leads to dangerous problems

  7. avatarGood Boy says:

    i,m masturbating from 8 or 10 years old and now i become a loser now in my life it gives me good enjoyment but it become a skelatel i can’t controlled it i requested all the boys to control on your bodies now

  8. avatarjonty says:

    MASTURBATION such for injoyment , but it will continue for losers

  9. avatarnick says:

    Thinking about past crush and masturbating during shower gives the best pleasure

  10. avatarTaylor says:

    ive tried masturbating over and over and over again and i cant get an orgasm. i know i may be only 12, but i need that release.

    • avatarKat says:

      Try using a pillow, its easier for some.

    • avatarAdi says:

      I know… i remember first time when i masturbated it takes me like 1.30 to 1.45 hrs…. lol i know… its huge,,, but i got lot of pleasure that time…. and after i try but i couldn’t hit that timing again…. its like best moment of my life :) So, if you want to do it…. i suggest you do not do by watching porn…. make feelings comes out of you …. and good luck with that :)

    • avatarenric joy says:

      when you start, do not think of masturbation , start to enjoy the feeling of touch, do not think of the end of the road. The end may me long or even endless sometmes.
      keep on ejoying moment after moment and aften the end the road may surprise you.
      Maturbation on command is a very hard task. Good luck

    • avatarDave says:

      Think of having a penis inside u while u masturbate

  11. avatarTheresa says:

    I am fifteen years old and I masturbate all the time including during my period. I know this is all about masturbation but I would also like to say that I have sex with ALL my guy friends and often we will masturbate together. It’s such a turnon to see each other masturbate. After masturbation we always have intercourse. I had intercourse with four different guys in my bedroom one afternoon while each waited his turn. OMG, it was such great fun!!!!!! The best experience of my life so far!!!!!!!!!

  12. avatarwho cares says:

    Men can also orgasm without touching themeslvs

  13. avatarmel says:

    ha ha true stuff guys

  14. avatarJade says:

    I know you Lily think that masturbating when your a kid sounds gross. It does kinda but I did it as a kid. Don’t remember how I learned or when a started masturbating all I know is that I’ve done as far back as I remember. Now that being said something embarrassing that my aunt told me ( my mom passed away when I was still in middle school, my aunt is now my mama figure & one of my best friends) she told me that when I was like 3 I used to masturbate while watching Barney. Haha. Reading this and knowing that you guys put that’s is a fact is amazing because it is true.

    • avatarNas says:

      I used to masterbate as a kid too!!
      I didn’t think it was sexual or anything,
      it just felt really good.

  15. avatarAmy says:

    I often use masturbation to help me sleep and I also do it the night before an exam or other stressful situation to help me relax. I also do it when I’m on my period because I’ve found that it does ease my (pretty bad) stomach cramps but it does feel a bit icky sometimes!

    • avatarJerry says:

      I am a 14 year old male and after studying the night before an exam, I relax by watching porn and masturbating. I often masturbate 2 or 3 and sometimes even 4 times. This helps me to get a good night’s sleep and I am refreshed the next morning before I take the exam. I always do well! I am glad you masturbate too, Amy, and I bet it helps your test score!

      • avatarJerry says:

        Also just to add to my comment above, If I am studying with my gf the night before an exam, we will masturbate each other for a while and then have intercourse! It is fun and relaxing.This has only happened four times so far but when my gf can’t come over to study, I will masturbate!

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  17. avatarladybug says:

    ommmg fact number 8 just answered my yearlong thirsty quest!
    I’ve always thought I am having an extraterrestrial experience of climaxing w/o the aid of hands & fingers.
    I can always bring myself to orgasm ‘without (swear!) touching myself’..
    and it happens everytime I’m emotionally hurt.
    The contrasting ache in my heart and the orgasmic sensation growing down there is just fantastic & is turning me on!

  18. avatarLily says:

    This seems gross to me. Masturbation in general, I know that the majority of society does it but it’s not for me. Especially, the part you mentioned about children masturbating and during your menstrul cycle. That’s just wrong!

    • avatarJulie says:

      It’s not wrong, It’s life.

    • avatarJulie says:

      It’s not wrong, It’s life and human nature. It also helps with being abstinent. n controlling hormones lol.

      • avatarJerry says:

        Masturbating is fun, healthy, and good clean fun! It is not gross at all. I watch porn and love to see women masturbate – especially the girls that squirt! What a turnon!! I like to watch and then masturbate while I am watching them masturbate using their fingers or toys! Lily, please try masturbating for yourself and don’t be ashamed. If you do, you will enjoy doing it, I promise and when you are ready to have sexual intercourse, you will be ready for that wonderful experience!

        • avatarGina says:

          I am 18 years old and I agree with Jerry! I masturbate at least twice a day. I rub my clitoris with my thumb while inserting my two middle fingers in my vagina vigorouly thrusting them in and outuntil I’m about ready to come. I stop for a while and the go at it again until I do come. I repeat this process once in the morning and once in the afternoon or evening. On days when I have intercourse with my boyfriend (and sometimes with other guys with the consent and encourgement of my BF), I still masturbate twice a day. Last week I allowed my BF and his friend watch and video me while masturbating and then have mmediately intercourse with his friend. After his friend left, we had the best sex ever. Masturbating is fun, healthy, and natural. It keeps me horny and ready to have with my BF. It also turns him on to watch me masturbate.

          • avatarGina says:

            By the way, I forgot to mention that I masturbate when I’m having my period. This especially turns my BF on and he masturbates along with me. This relaxes me completely.

          • avatarAmr says:

            Gina ; How The F**K you masturbate when you have periods ?
            do you like cumm blood then ? =D hahaha

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