10 Crazy & Interesting Facts About Masturbation

We write about masturbation a lot here at Gurl. But while we’ve written posts about our favorite masturbation scenes, reasons why you should masturbate more and how some girls are afraid to masturbate, we’ve never actually shown you guys a bunch of facts about masturbation. And, believe me, there are more than you would think.

You may think of masturbation as just a way to feel good or waste time when you’re bored, but it’s more than that. Masturbating actually comes with some pretty sweet health benefits, as well as some other awesome benefits. Want to know more about everyone’s favorite pastime? Read on to check out these 10 crazy and interesting facts about masturbation: 

And here’s one of our favorite ladies sharing her take on masturbation facts!

Did you know any of these facts already? Why do you love masturbation? What other facts do you want to know? What did I miss? Tell me in the comments!


8 crazy & interesting facts about your vagina

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